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Tuesday 6 April 2010

End the Immoral and Illegal War in Afganistan and Iraq

Even young people spoke of the unnecessary loss of life!
Christians, Muslims, and other faiths represented in a campaign to end the illegal and immoral war in Pakistan.

Brian Haw a world renowned campaigner against the Iraq and Afghanistan War was joined by other peace activists in Easter Meal.
Why did our MP's agree to this costly and immoral war...?

A feast was shared by all and open to all.

Three mics....which do I use?

On April the 4th (my Birthday!) I was invited to talk at a peace meal held on the green outside the Houses of Parliament. Julius Salik - once a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and former Federal Minister of Pakistan, arranged the feast in honour of long term peace campaigner Brian Haw.
All those attending spoke out against the immoral, illegal and costly war in Afghanistan and Iraq that has cost our country billions in financial terms and the unnecessary loss of lives.
Every soldier killed in this unjust war should be deemed a hero they have not broke any moral conventions and have stayed true to their pledge to represent our country and protect its people. If their is any dishonour to be attributed to the war it should be heaped on the MP's who sanctioned the war, despite evidence suggesting there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Moreover, the fact remains that our soldiers are being subjected to continued dangers in a war that will see no end and is creating an unwanted fiscal burden on the UK.
The majority of people in the UK would like to see an end to this war and at the Peace Meal we saw representatives from a number of faiths. It is about time our MP's listened to the people they represent and bring an end to these wars.
The BPCA was proud to be associated with an event that promotes peace and will reciprocally reduce the fanaticism in Pakistan that has increased persecution to minority Christians. We were joined by Geo TV and DM TV who broadcast the message of peace globally.
In leading this peace event the mercurial Julius Salik has shown his love for people of all faiths and in particular Christians in Pakistan, who will inadvertently benefit from the Easter Day peace meeting.
God tells us to love our brother - this is not a love singled our for just Christian brothers but for all. By holding the event on Easter Day Julius has highlighted that God's love is for all and Brian Haw himself a Christian has sacrificed his personal quality of life to bring a hope of peace. I can think of no better way of winning hearts and minds to Christ, then the work of these two men.

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