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Sunday 24 January 2010

Sadistic rape and killing of Shazia Bashir a 12 year old Christian girl in Pakistan

Disgraceful! Look at the wounds on Shazia's neck and face.

Her body lying peacefully in death - subjected to torture in her last moments.

Just a child - her body had not even developed full adult characteristics!

At 14 this child living a life of poverty, needed to work to support a family.

Wounds cover her face, head and neck!

Tortured and beaten before being raped - I pray for justice for the child and her family.

The accused Lawyer smirks in a photograph.

Last night we heard of the tragedy that has befallen the nation of Pakistan. It has been alleged that Shazia Masih a 14 year old Christian Girl in Lahore, Pakistan - as killed in an act of vile debauchery. A prominent wealthy lawyer Mohammed Naeem has been accused of the rape and torture of the innocent girl who was working as a cleaner in his home. The young girl had not even reached physical maturity and in her underdeveloped stage could be misconstrued as being much younger.

Retired General Samson Sharaf has informed me of some progress this morning:

"The Federal Minister for Minorities - Shabaz Bhatti is with the family. Our President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister have issued orders for the apprehensions of the culprits. Human Rights organizations have already coalesced. Things are moving. As regards the compensation to Pervez Masih Shaheed (regarding a Christian martyr that saved Muslims Girls at a School by sacrificing his life for theirs during an explosion), The federal Government is in pipeline and will be paid to a whole group of affectees together. As you would realize, government issues assistance in packets. Blame also goes to those numerous Cristian NGOs who make money on bonded, force and child labour issues and yet do not convince/educate people enough."

The lecherous and pernicious aggression that has been meted out on Shazia has left the Christian community of Pakistan in turmoil. People from minority faith groups predominantly live in impoverished areas and are subjected to perpetual abuse and threats from local Muslim communities. Moreover, a lack of education or employment opportunity has left the beleaguered communities languishing in debt and destitution.

The British Pakistani Christian Association has only recently organised multi-faith delegations to Green MEP Jean Lambert (South Asian delegate for the EU) and to the High Commissioner of Pakistan, campaigning for Justice, Peace, equal rights and parity of opportunity in Pakistan.

Both the High Commissioner and the BPCA delegation believe that a root cause of the situation in Pakistan is the lack of education and significantly biased legislation, coupled with corrupt statutory organisations. Yet no solid groundwork is being undertaken and no plan of action devised to tackle these significant problems.

The fact that this child was working at 12 years of age and is not attending a school, is a failure of Pakistani society and it's government. Free education should be provided to the poorest of families in Pakistan or the impoverished will bypass the educational system. Child protection laws with respect to education and work should be introduced. Child labour times should be restricted to those outside of school hours (for those aged 14 and above) and only with appropriate health, safety and security risk assessment. Moreover, families should be encouraged to send their children to school by laws imposing attendance and removal of Islamic Studies from the mandatory curriculum, in favour of a more general religious education that would foster better relationship between students of diverse faiths - by sharing customs and principles that are often similar in philosophy. Besides, this would also remove the common perception that Islamic studies will be used as a tool for proselytising, that deters parents of minority groups from sending children to school.

Police authorities were reticent to enact the FIR for the incident despite the fact that such process is a mandatory privilege to all citizens. Police corruption and statutory authority corruption allows first and second class citizenship to continue. Wealthy individuals find themselves immune to punishment as they can afford a "get out of Jail free card" Somehow we must tackle this awful malaise and the BPCA believes that a better tax scheme in which all of Pakistani Society is included and revenue is collected efficiently, will gift the government of Pakistan with the capital to pay better wages to their Police and statutory agency employees - reducing the need for them to survive through bribes.

Many people have commented that this despicable act is not an act of religious intolerance but the sordid and contemptuous acts of an evil man. This may be true but it was a Christian sister that was targeted. Only recently we heard of 15,000 toilet cleaners that have lost their employment ina a government employee cull. Over 12,000 were Christians and my point would be why is it always our community that has the worse jobs? It is this fact that subjects us to the cultural revilement and abuse from some of the Muslim population.
Shazia is a Christian Martyr, she was faultless in her actions, served her deceiptful employers well and with due respect. Shazia has been subjected to the worst possible atrocity a girl of her age could suffer. Her family must be in the deepest of shock and outraged at what has happened. Our community and other communities have galvanised themselves against the immoral acts of this sexual predator.

I will be praying for justice as an outcome of any investigation and succour to the family and friends of Shazia.. I will pray for protection, well being and continued strength for the family of Shazia.

I also ask that others unite in prayer and that if you can visit and assist the family of shazia that you do so, let them see feel and hear that they have support.


  1. Interesting and I like that very much and here I really appreciate your efforts and have to say that we should take some actions against it and I suggest you people to join the Online Muslim community named as Green-konnection where you can find the Muslim all over the world at on place and you can share such kind of activities.

    1. I do not want to sound too impertinent, however this is more than just interesting!
      This is about the sadistic rape of a trusting child in the hands of a monster!
      I have a suggestion for the Muslim community.
      Abolish blasphemy laws in Islamic republics Once and for all! Stop subjugating minority groups to Sharia law! Look at these people as your fellow citizens with equal rights!

  2. I have seen these pictures or a couple of them, many many times; the images are always used to portray a girl, sometimes muslim sometimes christian, always murdered - why would a girl be wearing those boy clothes and also having very short hair?

    I swear, i think it's a boy. I am not casting doubt on the veracity of your statement or article. I KNOW this awful awful story.

    But I've seen this 'GIRL' listed as yemeni, afghani, pakistan, also seen people saying that this is a boy. I really want to know the true history of these images now!!

    Why (if this is a girl) is the hair cut off, and dressed immodestly wearing 'shorts, etc.?? Do you know?

    1. What's this "Immodestly" language for? I understand that many people here are religious types but this kind of thing just annoys me as it's blaming the victim for the actions of a monster. How do you expect to get progress on this when your immediate reaction to the Rape & murder of A CHILD is that she was dressed immodestly? I suggest you get some help, urgently.

    2. What's this "Immodestly" language for? I understand that many people here are religious types but this kind of thing just annoys me as it's blaming the victim for the actions of a monster. How do you expect to get progress on this when your immediate reaction to the Rape & murder of A CHILD is that she was dressed immodestly? I suggest you get some help, urgently.

  3. Hi Bun Bun, The pictures are authentic, sourced via the Life for All one of the early humanitarian groups that helped the family. The same images have been used by Pakistan media. Moreover if you look carefully you will see that the Track suit bottoms have been rolled up to higlight the injuries in a similar fashion to the girls Tshirt. It is not uncommon for young Pakistani Girls or babies living in the Countryside to have their hair shorn off. It is a mechanism for cooling I have visited many times and am never surprised by it is is more cultural then you realise. If people are using these imgaes for their own purposes it is a shame as this victim was failed by the justice system.

  4. I want to join human community or sort of but i dunno how ...

  5. I don't understand how this obnoxious jerk can go around thinking that he is justified. How come our media in America and UK are quiet?

    1. The British tend to be afraid to comment on Religion (even more Islam) for fear of inflaming racial/religious tensions. If there were less focus on this being a Christian Child & more focus on the fact that it's just a child i think it's possible that more effort could be made by authorities to speak out against this stuff. That's just my opinion of course but religion is often a double edged sword & the fact that it's a Christian group speaking out against this can be used against taking action by the cowards in Gov' in the west.

  6. Wilson, please make sure that we recieve accurate data. I am going to get invloved more people writing letters to Pakistani government. It is better not to say anything then be blamed for false information. Thank you.

  7. Christians can also explore when is it right time to take guns for protection of their girls and children. It's not fair that the Islamists have guns and Christians don't. Protection of life is warranted by Scriptures. And when you have a anarchy government in Pakistan where no one knows who in authority has the warrant of God's appointment (Read Romans 13), then Christians can take guns and fight their battles to install a godly government that serves the true and living God. The western idea of democracy is a farce in principle.

  8. Bishop javed anjum6 May 2014 at 21:56

    Oh God help those who are helpless and protect your Children.

  9. The besmirking attorney obviously thinks nothing is going to happen to him in his evil, Islamic world. Let us pray, write, implore of this evil government for an action against this truly evil man that he be hanged for this torture and murder of an innocent child! Let his destruction occur soon, that the Lord Jesus Christ be willing to expedite his punishment to show that such evil cannot prevail! Dear Lord Jesus, forgive us all for our sins that have no doubt contributed to this man's unforgiveable crime.