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Sunday 31 January 2010

Please help our community Shabhaz Bhatti and Kamran Michael!

Here are two pleas for help I have received today. I implore any person who knows Shabhaz Bahtti and Kamran Michael to get them involved with these cases _ have emailed Amnesty International, CLAAS, Release International and Christian Solidarity Worldwide:

Dear Sir

I am Xavier William, i am the Regional Director of "Life for All" a registered NGO working on Human Rights.I received a call from Mr Walayat Masih a resident of village Sadhokay, Tehseel Kamokay District Gujranwala. He explained that 3 Muslimbrothers burnt down their house on 26 January 2010.Walayat Masih S/o Bashir Masih lived with his 5 sons at village Sadhokay. 3 Muslim brothers Abdul Sattar Kombo, Mohmmad Aslam Kombo and Abdul Gaffar Kombo asked him to sell them his house as their house is at the back of Walayat Masih`s house. Walayat refused because this house was built by his ancestors. One and a half year ago Abdul Sattar and Mohammad Aslam crushed Walayat`s eldest son under a trolley and threatened him of dire consequences if he talks to any one about it. Even the Police threatened him and refused to lodge a FIR. So he shifted to Rawalpindi. On the morning of 26th January 2010 around 6am, the three brothers came with a few people and set Walayat`s house on fire, burning everything in it. And once again threatened him and his family. They went to the Police for FIR and Protection, instead they also threatened them.Walayat Masih is seeking justice for his son and house. He has lost the earning of his life. No FIR has been registered. He is in Rawalpindi with his family. We have tried to contact Shahbaz Bhatti, Kamran Micheal and Akram Gill, but they are not responding. We have his family with us. We are seeking your assistance to high light the matter in the media. We will be highly obliged. RegardsXavier


Mr. Wilson Chauhdary
Hector Aleem is a Human Rights activist in Pakistan, He is the founder of Peace Worldwide which is a Christian Human Rights organization. Hector Aleem has been working in Pakistan since 1996 and has done many things for Christians in Pakistan. He was also attacked by Muslims extremists because he was working for Christian Rights in Pakistan. Then on August 2008 some Muslim extremists destroyed a Church and disrespected Holy Bible and Holy Cross.Hector Aleem arranged a protest against this act of Muslims and decided to file a petition against those Muslim extremists. The Government of Pakistan didn't allowed Hector Aleem to file a petition against Muslim extremists in court. Some fundamentalists also threated Mr. Hector Aleem to back off or else something bad will happen to him but hector Aleem didn't backed down.

On 20th December 2008 Mr Hector Aleem was given a peace award by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani because of his work. Then on 22nd January 2009 about 50 to 60 armed policemen raided Hector Aleem's residence at 12:10 AM. Hector Aleem is a heart patient and he was asleep at that time, Policemen broke in his residence and beat him. They also took money, Jewelry and other valuable things. His family came to know that the offence of Mr. Hector Aleem is Blasphemy which is 295-C after 24 hours. Now he is in Jail since 22 January 2009 and its more then a year and He is still in jail because of this false case. You are requested to help us because there are many other Human Rights activists and Human Rights Organization who knows our case but has not done anything for Hector Aleem. Some of the organizations are CLAAS ( Center For Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement ), Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan etc. We receive your email daily and it seems that you are working for many Christians. You are requested to Help Mr. Hector Aleem as soon as possible. His hearing is on 8th February 2010 and he doesn't even have a lawyer because no lawyer is willing to fight the case of Mr. Hector Aleem. You can send any person to Rawalpindi session court for the hearing. The name of the judge is Ali Imran

Thank you, waiting for your quick response.

For more information please visit Hector Aleem's Blog

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