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Monday, 1 February 2010

Human trafficker Amanat a wolf in sheeps clothing!

As time goes by inevitably incident stories develop, providing more indepth reports of the aetiological and symptomatic situational aspects of investigative cases. In particular, with the Shazia Bashir story I have received a fuller more up to date analysis, received via our brother Kahlid Shahzad.

Shahzia’s Murders Facts.

Shahzia was born 23/5/1997 in in Christian family in Tehsil Shahkot District Nankana. Her Father's name is Akbar Masih. After her father's death her mother Nasreen Bibi of 48 years old, remarried with current husband Bashir Masih.

During the month of May 2009 a human trafficker Amanat met with Shazia’s mother Nasreen Bibi and discussed his "business" connection with people who are looking for children as domestic servants with good salaries who will be provided with full home and welfare facilities. Regular meetings made her more pliable till eventually he gained her confidence and trust. He showed her images of happy children and introduced her to apparently contented referees. In this way he cajoled her into sending her cherished, beautiful daughter with Amanat into a life of misery as a house slave.

The mother Nasreen, had images of a better life for her daughter whose education would be seen to and who would receive a good salary to help her family and contribute to her own "jehez" (dowry). Nasreen had no inclination of the slavery and torture her daughter and other children would be put through. This evil predator had organised the captivity and bonded labour of 100's of children, so that he and his family could live in luxury and without any trepidation. His targeting of poor illiterate people was a shameless act, that has led to the torture, enslavement and death of countless young people and has been the cause of heartbreak and loss of lives of families and friends of victims. Moreover, few children or parents ever saw any capital gain from the debilitating experience that has initially been marketed as a chance for new freedom and opportunity - how ironic.

When the news of Shahzia’s murder spread through Pakistani media one of young girls of 28y came at Shazia’s home, decrying that two years before Amanat also brought three children from Sahiwal - two of whom were her own - Arty and Naveed. She never saw them again...

Khalid Shahzad stated (sic):

"When we asked Amanat about the children, he was not listening. He refused to pay any of the monies due to the affected and rather morose and dejected families."

On 23rd January Police from Lahore arrested Amanat and coerced Amanat into providing the whereabouts of 3 children, all of whom have been recovered. Now arty and Naeem are with their parents and yesterday a girl called Iram was also handed over to her parents.

Amanat has committed the crime of "habitual dealing in slaves" - Pakistan Penal Code (1860) Section 371.

In the presence of Anarkali Police Arty and Naveed explained that

“When Amanat was coming to the Landlords house we often asked about our parents and urged him to let us speak to our parents by telephone. He constantly replied that our parent's do not have a phone”

During the last two years the two brothers Arty and Naveed never met each other. It was an emotional occasion, full of tears, when the family were finally and rightfully reunited.

Amanat’s character has been opened for Public scrutiny and he can be seen as nothing but an exploitative pirate. Pakistan will be a better place due to the apprehension of this sadistic human trafficker. However, sordid this account of the underlying issues in Pakistan are, they in no way negate the predatory and craven desires of the accused lawyer Mohammad Naeem. Lets hope we see some justice done, to the perpetrators, of what has become a pivotal moment in the Human Rights movement in Pakistan!
Khalid Shahzad said (sic):

Before Christmas Shahzia’s mother Nasreen Bi bi, and her second husband Basir Masih and her step son went to Mohammad Naeem’s bungalow at AA 44 in Defense Lahore and asked her salary and also request to meet with her daughter. But the lawyer Mohammad Naeem was getting angered and not willing call Shahzia; the poor and illiterate parents came back at home. In January 2010 again they try to meet with their daughter but the land lord hyper and he punished to Shazia in the presence of her parents, she was crying and calling to her mother for help but the helpless parents were watching the torture with their own eyes. The wealth and resources never listened any cry and request. Mohammad Naeeem replied “Bring Amant who took money from me against your daughter” But Amant left Lahore and went to Sahiwal.Nasreen bibi hasn’t any resource to recover her daughter from the butcher Naeem until prayer and wait. On 21st January 2010. Mohammad Naeem came in to the Ambulance with the Dad Body of Shazia. And told them “by the willing of God your daughter dropped at the steers and now she is dead. And offer Rs.20000 for funeral service and also try to pressurized “don’t disclosed other wise police will catch you and both of you will be in the lock up” its just God’s will. As you know that I am a lawyer and nobody will ask me.

It is a big question that why Mohammad Naeem who is ex president Lahore bar council and educated resourceful??? We are waiting for the further investigation. But it is true that Shahzia has been killed with heavy tortured according to postpartum report.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said: "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." He continued saying that, "I don't preach a social gospel; I preach the Gospel, period. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is concerned for the whole person. When people were hungry, Jesus didn't say, "Now is that political or social?" He said, "I feed you." Because the good news to a hungry person is bread."

We live in a society flawed by many levels of social injustice, be it social, economic, religious or gender related. To deny that, especially when you work in the Social Sector, is as detrimental as supporting a fascistic fundamentalist organization. To be an ostrich is to to toe the line of the oppresser. Religious oppression exists in Pakistan: be it against Ahmedi's whose graveyards are being razed or Christians who have Bachelor degrees but are forced tow ork as grade 2 sewage workers instead of clerical staff or low caste Hindus who are treated like animals by Sindhi landlords. And that is the case in any place where there is a certain majority: power corrupts, and absolutely.

And to acknowledge the flaws in Pakistani society does not come from a place of hatred but deep love. If your neighbor's child has a flawed sense of ethics, you don't care as much as if your own child had same problem. Likewise, when you love a nation, it hurts you to see what's wrong with it. And unless we open our eyes and see what is wrong in our own nation, we will allow our children to inherit the sickness of society that we have grown up with.

If migrating is not an option, or not a choice, then you must realize that their is so much at stake for all of us: a more tolerant society means a society where our daughters can walk down the street without being harassed, where the Christians who have educated our children can live in peace and continue to run the hospitals and schools that our leaders have emerged from, where the Hindu rasams in our own culture like the mehndi wedding ceremony won't necessarily disappear because of the Hindu origins of such ceremonies.

Please See The Attachment of the recovery of the children and Amanat Ali with Hand cough.


Khalid Shahzad.


  1. Very well written

  2. Very well highligted the issues. John Bosco

  3. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  4. I am interested in the plight of Pakistani Christians. The situation today is so different from that envisaged by Jinnah at the time of the creation of Pakistan. The legal system seems very much weighted against minorities, especially Christians.
    i used to work in a school very near Green Lanes.