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Monday, 15 February 2010

Shazia Bashir's murderer set free!

I include a comment sent to me from Pukaar News:

Re: Pukaar news - Exclusive interviw with Shazia's parents after the release of their daughter's murderer

Shazia Masih's murderer has walked free.

Pakistan's justice system has failed Shazia's parents and they have appealed to Pukaar News in raising awareness of their plight in the UK media.

Shazia, aged 12 years, was murdered in January 2010 and Mohammad Naeem was held in custody until his release on Sunday 14th February 2010.

Will Shazia's family ever get justice?
Reports I have received, painted a dire picture of the case that was heard on Saturday 13th February- starting from 11:00am. It is purported that Police investigation officer Mohammad Asgar presented Medical and other reports to the Session Judge Shafique –ur-Rahman.
Mohammad Naeem was supported by a plethora of important, well respected, senior legal practitioners. Witnesses state that these lawyers seemed well prepared and ready to do battle, that they were both imposing and eloquent in their submissions and responses. It sems their experience was evident and almost immediately it caused a real silence in the courtroom. The two lead lawyers who were presenting the defence were Shahzad Butt and M.Azhar Khan in particular M.Azhar Khan is a prospective judge - as such it was obvious this was going to be an uphill struggle.
For the prosecution the Lawyers Nasir Anjum, Tahir Guland and Tanveer Masih have been described as a rather green, un-experienced and uncommitted legal team. It has been said that they were just not prepared for any debate in front of the Session Judge. Those in attendance at the court, have indicated that the team undertook a very rudimentary practice submitting very basic information and displayed an insouciance that was embarrassing for the Christian community. A witness has said that their perfunctory approach highlighted to all in attendance, that they did not really want to be there.
From the messages we have received the Christian Community in Pakistan are in a state of furore, they are questioning the reticence to apply for a deferment of the case. On person has intimated in no uncertain terms that the prosecution team should have asked for more time to put a more cohesive and comprehensive submission together. He said (sic):
"If they were not prepared they had a right to ask the request for next hearing date, but they never asked?...This is proof that the three Christian lawyers Nasir Anjum,Tahir Gul,and Tanveer Masih were not capable, nor prepared for that most important and high level case. These Christian lawyers provide full advantage to Mohammad Naeem’s lawyers for his bail from the session court Lahore."

Descriptions of the hearing suggest more than 30 lawyers were present in the court in support of Mohammed Naeem. On this occasion however, they did not disrupt proceedings or cause any fracas if our commentator is to be believed. The atmosphere in the court is said to have been intense, however the lawyers in support of Mr Naeem, sat relaxed and in confident mood. The calm exhibited by the lawyers, sent ominious overtures of potentila injustice throughout the assembled if reports are true.
An account from a visitor to the court suggests that after the hearing it transpired, that the lawyers were fully aware of the contrived death certificate, pathologist/bacterial reports and chemical examinations - all of which alluded towards a natural death. The defence lawyers directed that Shazia Bashir had died from septicemia from old wounds and even went as far as intimating that she was mentally retarded and had inflicted the wounds, on her body, by herself said one witness. We have been advised that the child had no history of any mental illness and the Naeem family had not previously taken Shazia to a hospital for any wounds or mental illness - yet the court has shown in favour of the defence.
For now a rapist and murderer has been able to twist the legal process and has diverted justice.
This whole fiasco has illustrated the disunity in our community and the disturbing attitude towards justice that the government and legal fraternity in Pakistan hold. Moreover, it highlights the most perturbing fact that plutocratic individuals are able to subvert the law and are in fact for all intents and purposes "above the Law" The government of Pakistan has shown today, that the feudal system of Pakistan is ever present - their claims to be a democracy are laughable at best.
Now is not a time for posturing.... our community leaders need to decide what action they will take in response to Saturday's court decision. An action plan should be set and if this case is to be taken to the Supreme court, that decision should be taken swiftly and decisively. Any reticence, or delay will enable a sexual predator to roam free. If that was to happen our community should deplore its leadership and their vanity, that has led to this woeful injustice.


  1. Dear Wilson.

    I am really disappointed by the decision/proceedings regarding Shazia's case.

    It is not the first or the last case. It will continue untill the members of the christian community
    start having fear of God, they don't become sincere to the community and themselves and
    the so called leaders stop playing with the deadbodies of the victums in order to acheive their
    personal financial objects/goals, and of course they are united.

    At the moment I can only say that "SO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH"

    Zaki Samson

  2. Why CLAAS retained incapable lawyers without experience. They gathered lots of dollars and pounds and could easily retain expert lawyers. That was an open day murder and post mortem reports transpired that was a rapped and tortured to death of poor,innocent christian Shazia Bashir.Tell her mother to take that case direct to the Supreme Court of Pakistan where she will get 100% justice.

  3. Dear Mr. Wilson,

    Where is now the so called" flag keeper of True Justice", Chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry??????? Is his eyes are closed now??????


  4. Agnus Massey said....16 February 2010 at 07:14

    Dear brother-in-Christ,

    Very sad to know all injustice. Where is Asma Jahangir,Lawyer with her claims to be the top custodian of Human Rights? Where is CLAAS office ,claiming to be the custodians of Christians' rights in Pakistan? Where is Mr.Shahbaz Bhatti,Federal Minister for Minorities' affairs? Why he is silent or don't know how to use the power of his office? These are the questions from 20 million Christians of pakistan those casted their vote for the formation of Pakistan. President and Prime Minister should look into the matter and grant justice to poor parents.

    Sr.Agnes Massey

  5. Mrs. Agnus Massey,
    if you cared for and about Pakistan or Pakistani's you would be living there- no abroad.

    It's easy to ask where is this person and where is that person, raising fingers at everyone sitting in Canada.

    you are nothing but another politician capable of nothing but 'condemning'