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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Message from Watson Gill - Holland!

Dear all,

As you are aware of that the responsible person for torture, rape and murder of 12years old Shazia Masih has been released. Mr. Mohammad Naeem advocate the former President of Lahore Bar Association is set to be free now.

We condemn this fabricated court decision.

A delegation of Pakistani Christian community from Urdu Church Holland are going to present a petition to Pakistani Ambassador Mr. Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry in Holland on Friday 19th of February 2010 at 13:00 CET against this decision.

Mr. Watson Gill will lead the delegation and together with Rev. Eric Sarver, Mr. Johnson William, Mr. Nadeem Deen, Mr. Kaleem Saleem, Mr. Robin Gill and Mr. Michael William he will meet the Ambassador in The Hague.

In this petition they will request to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to play his role in bringing Mr. Mohammad Naeem advocate to Justice. The delegation will demand in their petition to Chief Justice:

(1) To take a bold action against the murderer of Shazia Bashir Masih.
(2) To make a neutral and independent committee of the High Court Judges to inquiry this case.
(3) To put pressure on Pakistan’s Law associations to NOT get involve in stoping the process of justice only because the murderer is a lawyer.
(4) To make sure that media should be allow to monitor Shazia's case freely.
(5) To declare that the Christians in Pakistan are NOT the 2nd or 3rd class citizens and having the same right as Muslims in Pakistan.

Watson Gill

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