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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Khalid Shahzad provides first hand report!

Today at 10:00am Police presented Mohammad Naeem at the Magistrate’s court undet custody surrounded by numerous lawyers . The presiding Magistrate sent him back to Jail under judicial remand. he will now reappear at the same court on the 23rd of February 2010. As no power of attorney was raised by any Christian solicitor Rana Arshad was designated as the Government Additional Prosecutor. No Christians lawyer appeared to prosecute on behalf of Shazia Bashir's family.

Mohammad Naeem was supported by 9 lawyers who are as follows:
1. M Azhar Khan.
2. Main Tariq Ahmad.
3. Ch Saleem(Brother of Mohammad Naeem)-from Supreme court.
4. G A Khan Tariq.
5. Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqvi.
6. Sajjid Bashir(President Lahore Bar Association)
7. Main Mohammad Hafeez
8. Shahzad But
9. Ch Tanveer Ahmmad

Today there were only 20 - 27 lawyers present in the court, however, they never shouted or threatened any one.

Unfounded revelations were released during the court hearing including:
  • A death certificate undertaken by a Dr Endaleeb stated she was mentally retarded
  • Drugs reactions and septicemia were reported on the the bacterial report and chemical examination.

Khalid Shahzad said:

"when I queried results regarding abnormal chromosomes I was ignored"

He went on to say:

"According to my discussions with the medical board and other associate professors. Everyone is willing to save the culprits Mohammad Naeem and his family. All doctors and Police seem to be bias in favor of guilty party."

In a more damning report Khalid Shazad told us(sic):

"Doctors said... all over the Pakistan people are doing the same and are purchasing children. Only the western people or American agents are willing to disturb the Muslims. Muhammad Naeem is educated and Nobel and honorable. they also asked Why parents sold their children."

In conclusion he said:

"According to my opinions the lawyers and the Doctors influenced at the medical report and they got the results they wanted. Mohammad Naeem smirked as he left thorough the back door like a guest rather then a prisoner."

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