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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mohammed Naeem Receives Bail! A first CLAAS citizen!

Can someone tell me why Mohammed Naeem seems more assertive than the Police officer!

After a rather short hearing and fabricated evidence from a court panel of 9 doctors, a sexual predator, murderer and rapist received bail. This act has illustrated the large leprous sores that have decimated the very concept of justice in Pakistan. [The panel of doctors provided a post-mortem that concluded that Shazia Bashir died of illness caused by old wounds.]

Today a plutocratic legal and governmental system has shown that the feudal system in Pakistan has not diminished, it just operates under the guise of democracy.

In the UK; Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus and those of other faiths or no faith, have all spoken of the need for justice - united under one banner, declaring that this incident is one focused on domestic labour, child poverty, the sexual immorality of an individual and murderous intent. This case still stands, however it was a Christan and her family who suffered. Our community that must now pick up the pieces and rework a complex jigsaw of shattered hope, mistrust, loss and devastation that has culminated from one man's actions and a Governments inaction.

Today I am ashamed that Pakistan is the land of my forefathers. I am sure this is a thought that is shared and held by many. I cannot express the disappointment I feel and I wonder whether the solicitor appointed a few days before the trial, was equipped to tackle this convoluted, arduous and traumatic case? Moreover, was the Solicitor handling the case competent and experienced enough. Only CLAAS can answer these questions and I hope a statement is soon forthcoming.

I am still in shell shock and need time to recover, however, please do keep updating me with information regarding the situation in Pakistan.

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