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Wednesday 9 September 2009

False accusation!

I received this email from Fr. Aftab James Paul (Sic):

Priests falsely accused for Gojra tragedy
Dear friends,

Gojra based ,Muslim Mahaz Tanzeem for Peace has given an application to Assistant Superintendent Police and SDPO in a lay man and 3 priests of Faisalabad diocese have been falsely declared responsible for the tragedy of Gojra.

Mr. Samuel Qumer ( Councilor) ,Fr. Shabir Bashir , Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi and Fr. Aftab James Paul have been declared responsible for the tragedy.

In it’s application the Tanzeem has written that these 4 people instigated the Christians of Gojra and because of them the situation became so terrifying.

Fr. Shabir Bashir has been declared responsible for providing weapons to a Christian youth Naveed Masih, who opened fires at the Muslims.

It has been written that application that Fr. Aftab James Paul incited Christian youth by his speeches and they opened fires on the Muslims. Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi and Mr. Samuel Qumer also have been accused for inciting the Christians.

It has been demanded in the application that all these 4 persons should be included in the cross version FIR and they should be arrested. At the end the Tanzeem has threatened the administration that all the culprits should be arrested , if not then the administration will be responsible for the consequences.

It has also been stated that along with the Police this application has also been distributed among the Muslim brothers.

Dear friends, can you please read the minds of these people and what they want?

God bless you.

With prayers,
Fr. Aftab James Paul.
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  1. What can I say, government in Pakistan has lost control. We are not yet ready for democracy. Nowhere on this globe religion and politices mix and Pakistan is no exception. Muslim clerics are fighting for their survival by spreading fear in communities.

  2. Lord give them strength in their ordeal in this benighted country. The cruelty of humankind to humankind is in stark focus when Christ is absent from their lives.