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Friday 11 September 2009

Finally we are uniting!

A Stitch in time saves nine (so lets unite even more expediantly!)

A whopping 43 people read this blog yesterday culminating in 3 new comments and 4 emails with stories that have almost all been uploaded. This shows that we are now more willing to work together and our linking our efforts together. Soon it will time for an even bigger and better concerted effort to resolve the issue. I would love to hear from our brothers from Christian Social Link, as I am arranging a meeting from 19:00 on the 24th September at 57 Green Lane, Ilford Essex and am hoping to add a new twist to any protests or marches that intend to arrange (please comment). If nothing is planned I will set about arranging a protest march, however I do not want to work over another group - I am just wishing to compliment existing strategies and programmes!! I had included a story from CLAAS on my blog and asked that they promoted our Blog to other Christians yet thus far no feedback has been received. I hope thay to will join this collaborative effort...? Please respond.

Any brothers and sisters that would like to join the committee for the British Asian Christian Association should come and make your voices heard - so we can forge a strong direction from the outset of this nascent group. I am nominating my elder and most esteemed brother Alex Chowdhry for the Position of Chair. We are still looking for a Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, so that we can really start the hard work needed, to facilitate the change - we have all long been waiting for.

Alex will shortly write a small intro about himself that we shall include on the blog - please do let me know on this blog on by email if you intend to attend. As the maximum capacity of my building is around 70 people, however, I can alternatively book a larger hall.

If we can finally stitch ourselves together as one group than half the battle is won!

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  1. Nice that more people are taking part, i hope the meeting goes well.