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Monday 14 September 2009

Shazad Francis introduces BETHAK

I include recent correspondence from Brother Shahzad Francis in Pakistan:

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Peace and regard from Pakistan.

BETHAK-is a Christians Organization working for promoting peace and harmony in the conflict prone areas of southern Punjab, espoused via interfaith dialogue. We reach out to Muslims at grass root level by educating them on the common values of both our respective religions, along with fellowship orientated social and cultural activities.

Ours is very active organization that tries to reach out to safeguard the rights of Christians wherever there is a persecution against them. It is a great pleasure to make formal acquaintance with you and with other people in the UK.

We will keep in touch with you when ever anything goes wrong with the Christians in Pakistan.

Shahzad Francis
Program Coordinator
One of the main aims of the British Pakistani Christian Association is to forge better links with Christians in Pakistan and those of us in Britain. It would seem we have achieved a little of this already.

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