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Sunday 20 September 2009

Unity for progress!

Pervaiz Sardar from Nottingham is trying to unify the leadership within our community under one banner. He is concerned about the disparate nature of our existing community , with a plethora of organisations that are working remotely from one other. He believes there should be one chairman in one unified group. Although I agree with him in part, I think such a utopian principle is regrettably unachievable as different groups have different aims and objectives. I would not desire the watering down of a groups vision so that it could encompassed within a singular entity as I believe, overall this would have a detrimental impact on the existing groups work and limit the overall strategy of our community workers.

I think a better and wiser solution would be to create a multilateral entity from the amalgamation of Christian Associations within our community - to tackle the issue of the Blasphemy Law, which effects all groups. Such an entity would benefit from the individual work of each branch and the shared focus could enable the strategic and co-ordinated pooling of resources that would reduce crossover and duplication, whilst enabling a much broader understanding and development of our concerns amongst the senior leadership. perhaps rather than a single leader a panel should be agreed and a Chairman and executive could be endorsed who will be responsible for the fashioning of what would be a watershed or landmark for our community.....?

I will attend the meeting and share my thoughts, however I am sure many will opt to ignore the whims of a younger statesman like myself. I hope the scheme works anyway.

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