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Wednesday 2 September 2009

New Christian Village

I have received this forward thinking and rather positive email from brother Asghar Somoro, from Ilford. The email goes (sic):

Dear Wilson,

GOD bless you for the efforts, you have made. It is very good that you are in contact with Pakistani Christians living in U.K. We know what Christianity is facing problems in Pakistan and together we can support/ help our brothers in Christ in Pakistan. Also it will be good if you try to contact Pakistani Christians organisations in U.S, America, Canada, Australia, etc. It is in my dream to build a modern, cultural,christian village for those persecuted Christians in Pakistan

GOD bless
Asghar Soomro

My father had a similar conviction but getting our people to work together for projects such as these is very difficult. I am due to hold an open meeting at which I would like to invite Asian Christians up and down the country to attend and to be a part of a new vision for our community. Perhaps this project could be one of the ideas that we support and proceed with...?If you would like to attend let me know by placing a note under the post at the end of this link. The more the merrier - please make yourselves available!

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