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Friday 11 September 2009

Message from Asif Mall - a new commentator!

Here is a message received from our brother Asif Mall from Feltham (sic):

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Please find below the e.mail from brother Matthew, who has confirmed the news sent by Sunny Gill about acid thrown on a Christians boy named Waqas in Gojra. This is a serious matter, and I urge our political leaders to make sure that an FIR is registered and the perpetrators of this crime don't get away with it.
The image is of a lady who suffered an acid attack unrelated to the Gojra incident just to show the pain and suffering such attacks cause.

Please also find below some new footage about Gojra tragedy in this video link, and two links from JCTV who have done an excellent reporting on the aftermath of this heinous crime against Christians of Kurian and Gojra:

A prominent Muslim Imam has accused the church hierarchy in the UK
(West) for the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Asif Mall

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