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Tuesday 15 September 2009

In remembrance of Brother Robert Danish - died 15th September 2009

Here is an image of the martyr Robert Danish aka Falish Masih he was found dead in prison and it is alleged that it was a case of suicide by the police. Local people have purported that they have seen bruises and marks on the body of this dead 19 year old, they state that the death seems suspicious.
We need to make this boy a martyr for our community and should now be compiling a list of martyrs with images as part of our campaign for justice. The situation in Pakistan worsens and we privileged Pakistani Christians in western Countries are the only voice and hope for may destitute and beleaguered brothers and sisters.
I am holding a meeting at my offices on the 24th September 2009 and ask that people inform me if they are able to make it. We need to work together if a resolution is to be reached.

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