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Thursday 17 September 2009

Kind words spur us on!

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The British Pakistani Christian Association came into being following the tragedy of Gojra. My Brothers and I felt distraught and disillusioned by the lack of cohesiveness in our community and embarked on this mission, to unify our people, so that we are better able to challenge the forces that conspire against us. These forces include the continual resistance of consecutive Pakistani Governments, belligerently refusing to abrogate the unjust Blasphemy Law (Section 298A and 295B&C of the Pakistani Penal Code), the senior leadership in our community unwilling to disciple the younger generation or to allow opportunity for new direction and the constant spiritual war we all face as Christians by our deadliest foe Satan. Our aim is to unify Pakistani Christian Brothers and Sisters across the globe, to raise an army of support for our persecuted brothers and sisters, wherever they may be and to create a strong fellowship community. Since yesterday I have received email exchanges from brother Joesph Patres and his gentle and encouraging comments have spurred me on. Joesph is a new member on a growing list of patrons to this blog. Last nights total visitors hit the 59 mark - that is phenomenal for a blog less than a month old! The day before we had 41 Readers and in recent days there has been a huge increase in readership.

Joesph is trying to uncover the real name for the victim of the Sumbrial attack. "Dawn" Calls him Fanish Masih and "Pakistani Christian Post" have named him Robert Danish and Falish Masih. Numerous other media have also provided combinations of his name. His age is read on Dawn as 20, Pakistani Christian Post as 19 and on another media articles as 25. Some clarity would be great and a historical obituary would be much appreciated - as this martyr deserves to be remembered for his courage to give himself up to Police authorities who arrested his father without a warrant to do so. I am very surprised this diabolical stunt by the Police has been overlooked...? Why on earth, were Police Officer's arresting the Father for the sins of the son?! Perhaps an even larger enquiry into Police misuse of authority is required? Could someone please take up this debate...?

Here is the most recent email from brother Joesph:

Dear Sir,

I have asked Shams to provide correct information. I just learned situation is getting worsening after the funeral. I have been receiving your emails, but not got chance to comment on you blog. Keep the good work up.

Regards, Joseph

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