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Monday 23 April 2012

United Nations urged to take action on persecution of minorities in Pakistan!

The UN recently opened a window for submissions for their "universal Periodic Review" of Pakistan.  

Humanitarian Groups working in and around Pakistan were in a frenzy to submit their reports of no more than 5 pages, by deadline 31st March.

BPCA was approached by Peter Coleman of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a Christian legal organisation based in Austria.  They required research material for a report they wished to write a submission  on the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, specifically involving the blasphemy laws.  Our assistance was enabled  ADF to produce the following report, for which our contribution has been credited:

Whilst in process we undertook to submit our own report on Pakistan to the UN which includes much broader inequalities and persecution faced by Pakistani  Christians:

We then assisted a supporter group through colleague Jesbir Singh from the "Free Sarabjit Singh" campaign.  Jesbir submitted a report on the illegal prisoners of war in India and Pakistan dating back from the two Pak-India wars.  Jesbir also described the captivity faced by many innocent border strayers along the Pakistan/India land border. You can read her report here:

The next review will be open in 3 years and we intend to update our submission during that cycle.  Please pray that the UN reads our submissions and presses for change in Pakistan.


  1. All religions basically teach the philosophy of Humanity. Bigots in every religion exploit the unwary for their vested interest.Being a Sunni Muslim it did not prevent my father sending me to convent boarding for early schooling.We Pashtuns made up 70 percent of the boarders,the rest divided between other ethnic groups and the Roman Catholic boys.This was Pakistan until the General Zia ul Haq took control and bigotry came into play.The influx of the Wahabi-Salafist movement since the 80s has changed the psyche of the ordinary person.Again thanks to the NEW WORLD ORDER and the Neocons we have to suffer on this issue.

  2. this is pastor adnan ayaz from pakistan lahore.i always pray for christian in pakistan that God bless them and keep them under of his cover.there are many christian in pakistan lahore who faced blasmpy case but God is with them and relife them and he do justice

  3. i am a christian citizen of pakistan i just want to say that no one can do anything for us......every christian is happy in other country but not pakistani christian.....

    1. Dont worry, Jesus christ is by your side

  4. Its good to know that ADF people who are not in pakistan but still the do care about christians who suffer from any injustice specially religion based issues

  5. We are not based in Pakistan either :P :)

  6. Thx for ADF who take care of Pakistani Christians especially of karachi ESSA NAGRI where every day firring on Chriatians area of ESSA NAGRI So brothers and sisters dead and injured pl also pray for ESSA NAGRI karachi in your personal prayer. THX