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Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Truth About Christianity

Dear friends, I'd like to present to you, the truth of Christianity. It is this: Christianity is always about the man Jesus Christ. That's from where it gets its name! Christianity revolves around, is worshipful of, is founded by, and has as the hero, none other than God who became a man, Jesus Christ. I tell you this because as Christians, often times we individualize it and turn ourselves into the prime focus. I'm here to say no: it's not about me or my Christian blog or my career as a web designer and web developer, it's not about you, it's about Jesus Christ.

The Distinctive Feature of Christianity

It's amazing, isn't it? That God, the creator of heaven and earth, would come down from his perfection, into our destruction. That God, who has all the power in the universe, would set it aside for the sake of his children. Ah, this truly is remarkable. It's what makes Christianity unique. Every other major religion teaches that God stays up in heaven; that he doesn't intervene; that he doesn't stoop to our level. Christianity teaches that God is willing to come down to be with us to save us from ourselves.


Look back on your life for a second and think about your past. Think about the things you've done. Can you remember any bad ones? Can you remember doing anything that religions call sins? Now, you may have done a thousand good deeds to cover them up. You may have murdered one person, but as a doctor, saved hundreds. Let me ask you a question: if you were on trial, in a courtroom, would a judge not send you to jail for murdering one man because you saved one hundred men? Or would you get jail? Such is the character of the perfect judge.

That being said, you see now that you've done a few bad things, you've committed a few sins in your life. According to God, in every religion, sin is bad. Sin deserves punishment. Sin deserves hell. Here's where it gets interesting: God sees all the sin in the world. Instead of sending everyone to hell, because everyone sins, he hand picks a few people, and invites them into heaven. He came as the man Jesus Christ, to take the punishment that his people deserved, so that they don't have to be punished. He paid the bill of sin. He invites his people into heaven.


If you're not a Christian, here's the truth: God saw the bad things you did If you feel something moving in you as you read this, odds are, he might have chosen to invite you into heaven. He might have chosen to speak to you, through this post, and tell you about what he has done for you. How will you react? 

If you're not a Christian and you appreciate what God has done for you, if you want to get into heaven, you need to give your life to Jesus, AKA God. You need to give your sins to him. You need to accept his righteousness. You need to worship him as God, as he deserves. After all, he saved you out of hell and invited you into his house. Become a Christian and enter into eternal love with your creator. Amen.

1 comment:

  1. Love love love this!!

    Thank God for your passion and unashamed unadulterated faith in Christ that is so evident here.

    I'm so proud of you for sharing such a genuine Jesus loving blog and being an asset to our entire community!

    Keep at it bro, can't wait to read more.