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Thursday 27 March 2014

Sawan Masih the victim accused of blasphemy before the attack on St Joseph's Colony is given a death sentence!

Sawan Masih

Article written by Advocate Mustaq Gill representing Lead.  BPCA added quote form Wilson Chowdhry:


Today 27 March,2014 during a blasphemy trial at Lahore court Mr.Choudhary Ghulam Murtaza the additional and session Judge, announced a judgement in the case of Sawan Masih who was accused of blasphemy - case FIR No.112/2013 under section 295 C of PPC.  Read full story of the blasphemy victim Sawan Masih here:

(Click Here)

Judge Murtaza spoke in court:

"The accused Sawan Masih is hereby convicted under section 295-C PPC and sentenced to death. He shall be hanged by the neck till he is dead.  Sawan Masih is also liable for a fine of  Rs.200,000 if in default of this payment he will be liable to 6 months imprisonment."

Senior Investigator Mr. Gill explained to us that the FIR under section 295C (Blasphemy laws) is fictitious and has no substantial proof.  He described how the FIR was registered after after the submission of a second written application to Senior Police Investigation, City Division by the complainant Shahid Imran.  In the written complaint Mr Imran stated that Sawan said “Our Jesus will come back again and must come back and He is the Son of God” and wrote about some alleged derogatory words spoken about the Islamic prophet Muahammed.

Mustaq Gill believes these words and the submission are an thought after consultation with extremists, which undermining the veracity and authenticity of the case brought before the prosecution, making it highly doubtful.

Mushtaq Gill said;

"We condemn this death sentence which has created great fear and insecurity amongst Christians in Pakistan."

His group "LEAD filed a bail petition on behalf of Sawan Masih in the same Court, during April 2013. Unfortunately the bail petition was withdrawn by Sawan Masih's trial defence counsel.

Mr Gill spoke of the failed bail

"Bail is legal remedy for those accused.  It must be availed in two ways, either before arrest or after arrest,so we submitted the application on behalf of Sawan Masih.  The case was tried by LEAD's lawyers but this was deliberately ignored by his trial defence counsels"

He added;

"In June,2013, we petitioned the Lahore High Court to cancel the bail of Extremists who were allegedly involved in anti-Christian violence in Joseph Colony, Bedami Bagh, Lahore which is still pending a decision." 

Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA said;

"Pakistani Christian's have become easy targets for extremists.  Every day a new travesty reminds us how their quality of life is being eroded and their concerns about safety has reached its lowest ebb.  They are anathema to Pakistani civil society, simply due to the scriptural text they choose to believe and the God they choose to worship.  Their status in the country they belong to and still adore has reached a Nadir, their only hope is an insouciant Government and uncaring world.  We will continue to pray for them and support them as best we can."

If you want to support our campaign to free Sawan Masih please donate via the paypal link at the top right hand corner of our blog.  Alternativley you can send donations by BACS transfer using the following details:

Account No: 63468976
Sort Code:    20-67-90

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Asia Bibi Appeal to be heard 14th April 2014


Today,26 March,2014,there is court hearing of Asia Bibi ,blasphemy convicted,in the Daily Division Bench Lahore High Court ,Lahore, and postponed due to not presence of prosecution lawyer.The next date of hearing has been fixed for 14 April,2014.

 The case was listed at the end of the list (last case) and we were thinking that the case would be adjourned without hearing but the Honorable Division Bench heard the case with full determination and responsibility.

This is good sign of the acceptance of the appeal. Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD was present at court hearing along with his team.

“We are very hopeful for the best of Asia Bibi's acceptance of appeal because atmosphere of the Court was very amicable and peaceful”,said Gill."

Sign our petition for Asia Bibi here:

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Sunday 23 March 2014

St Andrews Church Sunday School prepare for Redbridge Easter Parade.

Children have spent Sunday School sessions preparing costumes and banners, to display during Redbridge Easter Parade 2014.

Children and young people attending St Andrew's Church, The Drive, Ilford, have been working diligently on producing banners and flags, to be displayed at the Redbridge Easter Parade 2014.  This St Andrews Church's first year of getting involved with the parade, which initiated in 2013 and they want to make a big impact.  Member of  St Andrews Youth Church, Etana Hobbs (7 years old), said;

"The Easter Parade is going to be really fun. We get to wave the flags we have made and make lots of noise to remember Jesus and what happened at Easter. I want to go on the bouncy castles too!!"

The parade will start at 12:00 outside Cranbrook Baptist Church and will terminate at High Road Baptist Church, On Easter Monday (21st April 2014). A free festival including music, drama, dance art and performance workshops and the first children's funfair in the town centre for over 10 years, is set to thrill local families. The festival will start at 12:00 inside Ilford Town Centre and performances will take place on Ilford Town Hall steps.

Wilson Chowdhry, Event Manager for the Parade said;   "This years event will be more spectacular then last year's event.  Already churches are gearing up to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, an event that changed history and brought many people closer to God."  He added; "If you do not know much about the Christian faith and would like to learn more, or simply want some fun - this is the event for you." 

Organisers of the parade and festival say the event will highlight the relevancy of Christianity in the modern age and provides an opportunity to share the message of peace and hope that Easter brings. They believe the activity will bring together people of different diversities. 

The organisers are seeking community and charitable groups and more commercial groups interested in holding stalls at the event.  If you are interested please contact Wilson Chowdhry on 020 8514 0861 or email  


Simple messages and colourful banners will decorate the procession.

Children displayed their wonderful creations.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

More Heartbreak as Asia Bibi's appeal trial deferred for second time!

Asia Bibi

Despite the global prayers and petitions for Asia Bibi her appeal in Lahore High Court has once again been deferred.  Pakistani law states that two judges must be present to preside of a Blasphemy case and only one judge appeared at court. To many, it seems Justice has failed and already much speculation exists on whether the judges and legal fraternity are being threatened.

Asia Bibi’s appeal was to be taken up at the Lahore High Court on Monday 17th March 2014, more than three years after it was originally filed.  The case was fixed for hearing before a division bench and Pakistani Christians pinned their hopes on a just decision.

A previous hearing was fixed for a hearing on February 14th 2014 (ironically Valentines Day), but was also deferred.

The BPCA is extremely concerned about the nature of this deferment that has delayed justice for  innocent Asia, who has been incarcerated since June 19th 2009.  Worse still, the riots outside the courts during both the appeal trial's, are in stark contrast to the petitions for leniency and adorning with flowers at the Valentines day trial, for the assassin of Governer Taseer. The failure of a judge to appear at such an important court hearing illustrates the weakness of Pakistan's legal system.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said;

"This deferment is an insult to justice, it illustrates that Pakistan's legal system is flawed  Legal authorities must feel confident and secure enough to make just decisions, moreover, judges are duty bound to appear at court hearings.  Considering the nature of animosity towards Asia, Pakistani society requires great moral introspection."

He added;

"We call for global prayer for the release of Asia Bibi.  If the courts are not willing to free her, then it is the duty of the President of Pakistan to enact his presidential powers and to pardon helpless Asia."

(Read story from Express Tribune by clicking here)

Did the Disciple Thomas visit Pakistan and India?

Wilson Chowdhry and Rev Darrell Hannah

The BPCA posed a question to Rev Darrell Hannah the vicar at All Saints Church in Ascot.  Rev Hannah is an expert in early Church history.  The question related to the historical accuracy of visits by the Disciple Thomas to Pakistan and India.  Certainly the Government of Pakistan has accepted that the Disciple Thomas arrived at Taxila and spoke to a King called Gondaphorus.  This is best illustrated by the historical information board  amongst the ancient ruins found at Taxila, which also includes an account of the much earlier visit to Taxila by Alexander the Great.  Paksitani Christians have always felt a sense of pride in knowing that Disciple Thomas reached their homeland, and Christians of Kerala in India, share a similar joy.  However, like much of early history the accuracy of accounts of these visits stirs much debate.  Here is The response received from Rev Hannah:

The fact is that there is much about the early history of the church, especially in the first three centuries, that we just do not know.  Our knowledge of the history of that period is a jigsaw puzzle with two-thirds of the pieces missing.  So we cannot know, we simply cannot be certain either that Thomas made it to the Indian sub-continent or that he did not. 

But couple things should be kept in mind.  First, a document entitled the Acts of Thomas, usually dated to the third century, relates Thomas ministry in India.  It is full of legendary accounts and is mostly fiction, but could be based on real history.  Second, the Acts of Thomas mentions an Indian king, Gundaphorus, whose existence and reign in the first century is confirmed by coins bearing his inscription.  Nonetheless, this in itself could only mean that the author of the Acts of Thomas knew some Indian history and had done some home work.  It does not guarantee its accuracy.

A very positive case for the historicity of Thomas in India has been made (e.g., see Medlycott, others however are more sceptical (e.g., J. N. Farquar, "The Apostle Thomas in North India," Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, 10 (1926) 80-111 and "The Apostle Thomas in South India," Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, 11 (1927) 20-50.  See also L. W. Brown, The Indian Christians of St. Thomas, (Cambridge, 1956).

A certain historical agnosticism is not out of place is cases such as this.  I does not hurt to simply say what we know and what we don't. 

I hope this helps.

Grace and peace,


Revd. Dr. Darrell D. Hannah
All Saints' Rectory
London Road

Tuesday 18 March 2014

WSC Condemn Systematic Persecution of Indigenous Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan

16th March 2014, UK, USA, Sindh and Canada chapters of World Sindhi Congress (WSC) condemn recent attack on hindus worship places of indigenous Sindhi Hindus in Larkana.

It was reported that furious protesters attacked a Mandir and set the Dharmashala on fire while few of them surrounded the house of the Hindu man who was accused of burning the pages.  Police and Rangers reached on the spot to protect the Mandir and imposed a curfew in different areas to bring the situation under control.

WSC believes that this fanatic attack on Hindu religious places is attack on Sindhi nation. ISI sponsored religious fundamentalism is dividing Sindhi nation on the name of religion and a direct tactic  to convert Sindhis into minority on their own motherland. 

It should be noted that due to increased discrimination and violence directed towards indigenous Sindhi Hindus, including the abductions of young girls,  is prompting an observed emigration of Hindus out of Pakistan.  Pakistan’s Hindu Council estimates that at least 1,000 Hindu families are now leaving Pakistan per year.

Pakistani Government has failed at federal and provincial level to address discrimination against religious minorities, women and other vulnerable groups by extremists. This has encouraged the rise of atrocities against these defenseless groups.  These social persecutions and discrimination against religious minorities, women and other vulnerable groups of Pakistani society have become widespread as a result of inefficiency of the government in bringing any charges against those responsible for such violence.

It is time that terror and injustice in the name of religion should end. The international community has a role to play to persuade the government of Pakistan to take the necessary action to stop discrimination and violence against religious minorities.

WSC also appeals the international community and governments such as US, UK and EU to put pressure and demand the abolishment of all discriminatory laws in Pakistani constitution and support the universal human rights around the world.

Monday 17 March 2014

Mass of courage

Testimony of faith in city under attack

By John Pontifex

MORE than 2,000 people in northern Nigeria risked their lives by turning out for Sunday Mass yesterday (16th March) while their city was being bombed.
            Describing St Patrick’s Cathedral, Maiduguri, as “packed”, Father John Bakeni, the celebrant at the Mass, said people told him afterwards that if the attacks worsened they would prefer to die in church than anywhere else.
Sunday’s Mass took place after suspected Boko Haram extremists launched one of their biggest armed campaigns of recent months, firing rocket-propelled grenades and mounting a massive assault on a military barracks.
Hundreds died in the attacks, which were repulsed by the Nigerian military, but there were growing concerns about the government’s capacity to hold back the extremists.  
In an interview today (Monday, 17th March) with Aid to the Church in Need, the Catholic charity for persecuted and other suffering Christians, Father John Bakeni said: “Yesterday morning there were a lot of bomb explosions but that did not seem to deter people from coming to church.
“It was a very humbling and edifying experience to see so many people at Mass. The place was packed.
“When it came to the homily, I said to them that there was no need to preach. I told them: ‘Your presence in such large numbers is a homily in itself.’
The priest asked Aid to the Church in Need to call on the world to pray for the people of Nigeria: “Please pray that this violence will stop.”
In an earlier message, he described the start of the attacks early on Friday (14th March) stating: “We were greeted with the deafening sounds of bomb explosions, rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire. There was confusion and pandemonium everywhere.”
Hundreds of insurgents, dressed in military fatigues, struck at Maiduguri’s Giwa Military Barracks and succeeded in releasing fellow fighters held in the cells there.
Further attacks took place against residential areas and a university campus, an assault typical of Boko Haram, which literally means “Western education is forbidden”.
Boko Haram has declared its enemies as the Nigerian government, education institutes and the Church as well as moderate Muslims.
In military clashes that went on for more than four hours, more than 200 insurgents were reported dead following a massive drive by the Nigerian military to flush them out.
But both yesterday and today, Fr Bakeni and others reported that the enemy forces had “regrouped” and were mounting further attacks amid increasing concerns that Maiduguri was on the point of falling to the extremists.
There have been reports of “connivance” between the extremists and certain elements within the Nigerian military, which, it is claimed, explain the latter’s failure to foil the enemy.
Fr Bakeni said: “We are all living in fear now, looking up to God and counting on your prayers.
“The [Nigerian] military are doing their very best but they lack modern weaponry to counter these guys who are far more sophisticated.
“Thank you and all those at Aid to the Church in Need for your prayers and support at this trying moment.
“We really feel the strength of people’s support both within the country and outside.”
            The attacks on Maiduguri coincided with violence reportedly carried out by Fulani Muslim herdsmen against Christian villages not far from Kaduna, in northern Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

            At least 100 people are reported dead in the attacks on Friday (14th March) evening. 

Friday 14 March 2014

Redbridge Easter Parade calls on community groups to show support and engage with the local community!

Participants at Last Years Easter Parade.

Redbridge Easter Parade and Festival is returning on Easter Monday 21st April 2014.  The event will hold the first children's funfair in the town centre in over 10 years.  The event will have a free music festival held at the town hall steps from 12pm - 6pm.  There will also be various family activities including; Henna art, Drama, Face Painting, Art workshops and much more...

A colourful and bright  Easter Parade will leave form Cranbrook Baptist Church form 12:00 Ilford town Centre for 1pm.

The organisers are seeking stall holders to sell food, commercial items, and to promote charitable and community activities in the borough.

If your group would like to engage with our local community please contact Wilson Chowdhry on 020 8514 0861 or email

Event Manager Wilson Chowdhry said;

"This will be the first large scale outdoor public event in the Borough and will kick start the season.  We are hoping to draw in many diverse visitors from across our local community."  He added; "The event will highlight the longstanding celebration of Easter, whilst also simply being a day of enjoyment, fun and coming together"

Learn more about our event by clicking links below:

(Promotional Walk to Golgotha in Ilford Town Centre)

(Yellow Advertiser account)

(Press Release for 2014 Easter Parade)

(Ilford Recorder report)

Thursday 13 March 2014

School Principal beaten at St Paul's School!

By Mustaq Gill

Punjab:From last week,there is a local Muslim cleric who is campaigning against a Christian 'Saint Paul High School' which is serving the both Christian-Muslim Children from last 20 years. 

LEAD has taken a Catholic School on rental contract from Catholic Board of Education and Mr.Zulifqar Masih,a Human Rights Defender and Field Co-Ordinator Of LEAD is serving as a Principal of this school,both Children Christian-Muslim of surrounding villages, are getting education since the School established. 

On 15 March,2014,after vacation of School,three unidentified armed persons forcibly entered into School and started beating and torturing Human Rights Defender,Mr.Zulifqar Masih,the Principal of School and two Women Rights Defenders Mrs.Zulifqar and Mrs.Imran.The attackers also took away some school documents and one Laptop and they also threaten them to close the school otherwise,they would have to face dire consequences including kidnapping and killing.

Mr.Zulfqar has informed and filed a complaint against the three unknown persons in the concern police station and the police officials assured to take legal action against the culprits.

On 12 March,2014 about 7:40 PM while Mrs.Imran along with Mr.Qaiser Younas was coming back home from one women workshop on the topic'Women Sexual Harassment at work place' two armed men stopped them on road and threaten to stop such kind of programme   and warned that if they did not leave the village within five days they would be killed.The police have yet to act on our requests for protection and legal action against the culprits.

LEAD's Women Rights Defenders,Mrs.Imran and Mrs.Zulifqar are also raising voice against the violation of women Rights in Pakistan.They raised the issue of pregnant women who worked on brick kilns during their pregnancy which is much danger for the health of both Mother-Child,they campaign and train the women about their personal and legal rights and how they can get aware about their security at work place and in homes.They are also supporters of the marriage of woman with her free consent and will which is also a major issue in Pakistan.These two women rights defenders also got direct threats while supporting the women who ran away from their homes after coming to know that their marriage being done without their free consent or with some old men.

We have deeply concerned for the safety of the human rights defenders Mr.Zulifqar Masih and two women Rights Defenders Mrs.Imran and Mrs.Zulifqar along with other staffs of LEAD taking into account that three members of LEAD who are working for educational project of LEAD and  to have defended the rights of women .  

We condemn this attack and the threats made against staff members of LEAD which are directly related to the organisation’s work in the defence of human rights particularly Christian and women's rights.  

Monday 10 March 2014

Lenten Lunch galvanises support for BPCA in Ascot.

Father Darrell Hannah and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA at our invitee only stall.

The BPCA was hosted at the first first Lent Lunch of the year, held by the Parish of Ascot on Saturday 8th March 2014.  These important gatherings see invited charities given an opportunity to share their work with parishioners at the two churches within the Parish.  The annual event which covers the Lent period is held at the King Edward's Hall, North Ascot form 12pm - 2pm.  The invite was received by Father Darrell Hannah, who has expressed his support for Pakistani Christians and who has continued to remember our community in prayers and campaigning.

BPCA held a stall and we handed out free copies of our "Imagine" booklet which describes the torrid situation faced by Pakistani Christians.  Our stall also included a slide show and information on Asia Bibi and the recent bomb attack on Peshawar.  Over 50 parishioners attended the event all of whom received our information with great interest.

It is hoped that we will have raised between £250 - £350 at the event which we have earmarked for aid to victims of the Peshawar Bomb Attacks.  We have also become one of the Parish's regularly supported groups and will receive a further £400 every year.

Wilson Chowdhry said;

"Meeting the Parishioners of North Ascot was a genuine pleasure, many of them were well-informed on the ongoing persecution faced by the Church in Pakistan, which makes them quite unique.  It was heart-warming to be received so graciously by a church with a passion for justice and peace for all."  

He added;  

"The love and support received by Father Darrell and his Parish gives fresh hope and vigour to the campaign for freedom and justice in Pakistan.  There constant prayers and campaigning help to bolster the work of groups such as the BPCA and others."

Our Thanks to Veronica Gill a Trustee of Help for Pakistani Christians for her help and support with our stall.

Church in construction levelled by extremists insulted by image of the cross and Christian scriptural verses.

By – Shamim Masih

Christians of Chak ¾ -L, Okara Pakistan had started construction of a Church on the land donated by Akber Masih (Christian resident), from the local area. They had hardly constructed walls and had just placed the sign of a Christian cross at the main gate on Monday 10th March 2014 when infuriated Muslims, started to make a clamour at the perceived offence.

As soon as soon as the Muslims saw the cross, an extremist mob arrived on site and demolished the church  whilst still in construction.  Initially the violent mod used their hands to tear down the nascent construction, but later brought a  tractor to pull down boards that held sacred Bible verses and the more secure construction.

Human rights activists intervened and lodged an FIR with police under section 295-A and 506 – B against the culprits. 

Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan talking on the phone informs us that the mob supported by a local politician have not been arrested so far. He reported that Mehr Abdul Sittar, ex-candidate for provisional assembly from Pakistan Peoples Party - PPP has influence in the region and is protecting the accused. He also informed us that Saif Ullah Doger, DCO has assured Sohail that he will arrest the culprits and bring them before the courts.   Nothing has progressed so far. Instead officials threaten the local Christians. He urged the local government to take strict action against them; he demands the officials take concrete steps to ensure protection of minorities in the country.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said;

"This is another act of unprovoked violence meted against Christians simply for observing their faith in peace.  It highlights the lack of progress towards better humanitarian conditions for Minorities living in Pakistan.  The fact that once again evidence exists of political inteference from officials with feudal powers, suggests that the aid budgets given to Pakistan are having no effect. More than likely these budgets are being used for purposes other then the proposed use.  We call on those giving aid to Pakistan to monitor with greater vigour the use of such foreign aid and to set requisite targets based on better human rights within Pakistan"

Thursday 6 March 2014

Dutch parliamentarians indicate desire to learn how best to deal with Christians seeking Asylum from Pakistan

Wilson Chowdhry Chair of the bPCA with Pieter Omzigt chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Netherlands.

Middle East Forum for Development in conjunction with the BPCA organised a special hearing on Tuesday 4th March 2014, regarding the human rights situation of minorities in Pakistan.  The meeting was held at the Dutch House of Representatives and presided over by the foreign affairs committee, which was chaired by Pieter Omtzigt, Member of Parliament (MP) from Christian Democrats Party.   Fellow MPs; Michiel Servaes of the Labour Party and Joël Voordewind of the Christian Union were also in attendance.

In this hearing, Pieter Omtzigt received a delegation of Pakistan experts comprised of professor Desmond Fernandes, a leading expert on genocide and author of the recently published book “The Targeting of Minority ‘Others’ in Pakistan”, Mehran Baluch, Baloch representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council and European Union and Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA). In attendance was also Mosa Zahed, founding director of Middle East Forum for Development. The meeting focused on targeted minorities in Pakistan, in particular on the plight of Christians and the kill and dump policy which is carried out with impunity by Pakistan’s security forces in Baluchistan province.

Professor Fernandes emphasised during the meeting that the situation of minority groups in Pakistan has become much worse. He said, “If you look at the situation in 2013, atrocities against minority groups, including Christians substantially, has actually increased”

On the issue of the blasphemy laws, Fernandes raised his concerns regarding the recent ruling by Pakistan’s Federal Sharia Court, which specifies that life imprisonment is not enough for blasphemers and that the only permissible punishment is the death penalty. 

“This suggests that there are specific directions and orders from the highest level, suggesting that the situation is just going to increase in terms of deterioration of circumstances for Christians and certainly for a lot of others” Fernandes reiterated.

He further argued that genocide scholars and others have referred to the genocide of the Hazara Shia, Ahmadis and others. According to Fernandes, in Baluchistan the Pakistani security forces enjoy total impunity which has resulted in a total abuse of power. Fernandes underscored that “law enforcements and security agencies now have unlimited powers to search houses without warrants, to shoot suspects on site, to confiscate property, tap telephones and hack computers”.

Mehran Baluch argued that Pakistan’s secret service agencies have given a freehand to Islamic extremists to target the people of Baluchistan and that a similar atrocity is taking place in Sindh and Punjab provinces. He said,

 “The situation in Baluchistan is much worse than other parts of Pakistan where Pakistani intelligence agencies and armed forces are committing heinous crimes, not only against ethnic and religious minorities but against humanity”. 

Mehran Baluch further argued that the Hazara community face a genocidal process at the hands of extremists. He emphasised that “there have been numerous deadly attacks against Hazara which have claimed the lives of hundreds of people”. 

Mr Baluch appealed to the international community to undertake necessary measures and pressure the government of Pakistan to stop human rights violations against Baloch people and other minorities.
The hearing of last Tuesday regarding human rights in Pakistan is a follow-up to a meeting of last April, which was also organised by Middle East Forum for Development. Wilson Chowdhry, who also attended the meeting of last April, focused on the potential for “Special Status” for Pakistani Christians. He emphasised to the Dutch MPs that “this will make the asylum process for Pakistani Christians more bearable in the Netherlands”

The Chairman of the BPCA further highlighted the persecution and discrimination, including all the various faith, cultural identities and several Muslim sects in Pakistan.  He challenged the Dutch representatives to engage in stronger dialogue with Pakistan.  He said,"Dialogue is essential to creating a fairer society in Pakistan, areas of Pakistani law infringe on international human rights, this is replicated in the constitution of Pakistan.  The Government of Netherlands provides £7million  aid to Pakistan and this should now be used as a tool to lever change."

The Dutch MPs were keen to know from the Pakistan experts which approach the Dutch government should adopt in order to stimulate improvement of the human rights situation of minorities. Joël Voordewind from the Christian Union argued that his party, in collaboration with other political parties, requested last from the Dutch government to offer Pakistani Christians and Ahmadis a special status due to the fact that they are being heavily persecuted.  However, the Dutch government has offered such status to the Ahmadis but not to Pakistani Christians. Voordewind further said that he and his colleagues have sent an appeal for this decision and expect an answer by June.

Wilson Chowdhry detailing his concerns about the current plight faced by Pakistani Christians.

The panel of MP's and clerk listened attentively to the reports on Pakistan.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Two more girls abducted and forced into Islamic Marriage.


Shamim Masih

On March 04, 2014; Komal Yousaf 15 was raped and married forcefully and was converted to Islam.

Yousaf and Rubina, parents of the girl work in a factory, Mohammad Aslam Shah one of the co-workers often asked them convert them to Islam but they refused saying that they are happy with Christian faith.

On February 24, Mr Shah went to their house with some armed companions and asked the Yousaf family to embrace Islam or to be ready to face dire consequences. Later that day, when the parents went to work, he came to their house and kidnapped the young girl Komal Yousaf.

Yousaf and Rubian went to the police station to register a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the suspect Mohammad Aslam Shah, but police didn’t cooperate. Instead police claimed that young girl has been converted to Islam and married to Mohammad Aslam.

Providentially, the parents came to WVIP and requested help in freeing their daughter. WVIP immediately went into the local court and asked the accused to produce the girl at court. The girl told the court that she has been forcefully married and was threaten to sign a marriage agreement. She also told the court that she was sexually assaulted during her abduction.

A similar incident occured with Sobia, 19 from D G Khan. She used to work with her mother in different houses as maid. One day she went to Adil Zulifqar to work but the owner forcefully married her and shifted to Lahore. WVIP came to know through a reliable source that he has sold the girl to a rich family in a different city. The said organization is dealing with these two cases to rescue these girls. Farrukh H Saif, chief of WVIP said;

"Muslims in Pakistan believe that Christian girls are commodities not human beings. It is common practice for these kidnaps to take place.  That is the reason why around 2000 Hindus migrated to India and many Christians are seeking refuge status in different countries. the Kidnapping of minority women has increased and minorities are seeking safe heaven. Tania, Rebecca, Palwisha, Sonia were abducted earlier this year and now it is Sobia and Komal’s turn"

Monday 3 March 2014

Victims of Peshawer bombing receive annual supply of medical treatment.

Mrs Sajad Age 62 years, Both legs were  injured and cannot walk. Medicine was provided to her for her treatment.

After another visit to Peshawar following a number of donations we are pleased to announce that we are assisting a further 6 victims in Peshawar.  Our aid includes cost's for annual supplies of medicine and any hospital treatment costs we can support.

You will note that generally we avoid showing injuries due to respect for the victims.  We have on this occasion been more revealing with victims injuries, to ensure that our readers our clear on the fact that these are actual victims.

In the images you will see that we have included photographs of the medical supplies we have provided for 1 month, to each victim.  Our program will pay for the full cost of medicines for the year and any payments we can manage towards ongoing hospital treatment.  We do not yet have all the appropriate hospital treatment costs for these victims and still have a huge list of other victims still seeking aid.

If you or your church would like to contribute or help please get in contact.

The BPCA will be continuing its relief fund to help this beleaguered community. 

Donations will pay towards false limbs, Food parcels, Medical costs, School fees for victims no longer able to afford them, support for orphaned children and counselling for families grieving for the bereaved and injured. 

 If you would like to donate to our relief work our bank details are as follows: 

Sort Code:          20-67-90 
Account number: 63468976 
Bank:                  Barclays 
Ref:                     Peshawar Bomb Blast 

Alternatively if you would like to send a one of donation please use the pay-pal facility on the top right hand corner of our blog, or simply send a cheque made payable to the BPCA to our address; 57 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1XG. 

With your support we hope to change the lives of millions of Christians in Pakistan.

Noman Arif Age 12 years, medicine was provided by the BPCA representatives for his treatment.

Noman revealed his back and it is visible that his right side is injured.  He has similar wounds on the right side of his chest both of these injuries underwent operations.  Noman has been left with defective kidneys which are currently under treatment.

Sarish Samuel, Age 26 Years. Both her legs were injured and stomach area affected. she is under treatment and medicines were provided to her.
Waqar Samuel, Age 27 Years.  His Legs and feet have been severely injured and he cannot walk properly at present. He is under treatment and medicine was provided to him.

Mr Stephen Age 52 years. His stomach area was severely injured during the bomb attack.  He also sufferednow suffers from complications to hius liver and will be required to undergo long term treatment.