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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Asia Bibi Appeal to be heard 14th April 2014


Today,26 March,2014,there is court hearing of Asia Bibi ,blasphemy convicted,in the Daily Division Bench Lahore High Court ,Lahore, and postponed due to not presence of prosecution lawyer.The next date of hearing has been fixed for 14 April,2014.

 The case was listed at the end of the list (last case) and we were thinking that the case would be adjourned without hearing but the Honorable Division Bench heard the case with full determination and responsibility.

This is good sign of the acceptance of the appeal. Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD was present at court hearing along with his team.

“We are very hopeful for the best of Asia Bibi's acceptance of appeal because atmosphere of the Court was very amicable and peaceful”,said Gill."

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1 comment:

  1. I am optimistic for justice, i still pray for Pakistan's stability, progress and development according to His holy words. When Sawan Masih had been sentenced by planned game of property dealers. There are so many cases which had been preplanned and made. They did not regard for Holy Quran and Holy Bible which had burnt in houses of Christian of Joseph Colony. I am true Christian but i have Holy Quran also at my home, but It is possible, when people left their houses to flee for saving their lives, they did not take Holy Bibles with them even Holy Quran. Then who is Blasphemer.... who ??????

    It is discrimination for just business tool, increasing their money power to show Christian as inferiority. What is human rights now.... who burnt HOLY Quran and HOLY Bibles in the houses of Christian. Every learning man has Holy Bibles and holy Quran for their study or research. This is main thing that Pakistani Christian is fed up from Pakistan because of religious prejudice.

    Why most of Christian is getting Asylum in other countries to save themselves from system of Pakistan, extremism of casts system and sects systems..... Why Illama Iqbal saw dream of two nation theory to make Pakistan. Is today for Pakistani Christian to see this dream for two nation theory? But we don’t want another Pakistan. We need justice and rights to live in harmony from true believer of Islam. Islam also presents peace, tolerance, brotherly love and kindness. Even Pakistani Muslim had experience of prejudice of Hindus and all sects.

    Where is human rights and human rights organization? Where are peace workers? Peace organization that are working on peace and interfaith - harmony. Are they wasting time of other for showing their programs in communities outward, where is human rights defenders? What is result and practical of believing tolerance, peace and brotherly love. Innocent man had been sentenced because of someone business to increase their money.