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Tuesday 18 March 2014

WSC Condemn Systematic Persecution of Indigenous Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan

16th March 2014, UK, USA, Sindh and Canada chapters of World Sindhi Congress (WSC) condemn recent attack on hindus worship places of indigenous Sindhi Hindus in Larkana.

It was reported that furious protesters attacked a Mandir and set the Dharmashala on fire while few of them surrounded the house of the Hindu man who was accused of burning the pages.  Police and Rangers reached on the spot to protect the Mandir and imposed a curfew in different areas to bring the situation under control.

WSC believes that this fanatic attack on Hindu religious places is attack on Sindhi nation. ISI sponsored religious fundamentalism is dividing Sindhi nation on the name of religion and a direct tactic  to convert Sindhis into minority on their own motherland. 

It should be noted that due to increased discrimination and violence directed towards indigenous Sindhi Hindus, including the abductions of young girls,  is prompting an observed emigration of Hindus out of Pakistan.  Pakistan’s Hindu Council estimates that at least 1,000 Hindu families are now leaving Pakistan per year.

Pakistani Government has failed at federal and provincial level to address discrimination against religious minorities, women and other vulnerable groups by extremists. This has encouraged the rise of atrocities against these defenseless groups.  These social persecutions and discrimination against religious minorities, women and other vulnerable groups of Pakistani society have become widespread as a result of inefficiency of the government in bringing any charges against those responsible for such violence.

It is time that terror and injustice in the name of religion should end. The international community has a role to play to persuade the government of Pakistan to take the necessary action to stop discrimination and violence against religious minorities.

WSC also appeals the international community and governments such as US, UK and EU to put pressure and demand the abolishment of all discriminatory laws in Pakistani constitution and support the universal human rights around the world.

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