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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Two more girls abducted and forced into Islamic Marriage.


Shamim Masih

On March 04, 2014; Komal Yousaf 15 was raped and married forcefully and was converted to Islam.

Yousaf and Rubina, parents of the girl work in a factory, Mohammad Aslam Shah one of the co-workers often asked them convert them to Islam but they refused saying that they are happy with Christian faith.

On February 24, Mr Shah went to their house with some armed companions and asked the Yousaf family to embrace Islam or to be ready to face dire consequences. Later that day, when the parents went to work, he came to their house and kidnapped the young girl Komal Yousaf.

Yousaf and Rubian went to the police station to register a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the suspect Mohammad Aslam Shah, but police didn’t cooperate. Instead police claimed that young girl has been converted to Islam and married to Mohammad Aslam.

Providentially, the parents came to WVIP and requested help in freeing their daughter. WVIP immediately went into the local court and asked the accused to produce the girl at court. The girl told the court that she has been forcefully married and was threaten to sign a marriage agreement. She also told the court that she was sexually assaulted during her abduction.

A similar incident occured with Sobia, 19 from D G Khan. She used to work with her mother in different houses as maid. One day she went to Adil Zulifqar to work but the owner forcefully married her and shifted to Lahore. WVIP came to know through a reliable source that he has sold the girl to a rich family in a different city. The said organization is dealing with these two cases to rescue these girls. Farrukh H Saif, chief of WVIP said;

"Muslims in Pakistan believe that Christian girls are commodities not human beings. It is common practice for these kidnaps to take place.  That is the reason why around 2000 Hindus migrated to India and many Christians are seeking refuge status in different countries. the Kidnapping of minority women has increased and minorities are seeking safe heaven. Tania, Rebecca, Palwisha, Sonia were abducted earlier this year and now it is Sobia and Komal’s turn"

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