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Monday 21 September 2009

Hamdosana send new images!

Net radio have kindly sent us these images of the death of Robert Danish. We have now saturated this blog with these images and I will not be posting any news ones as I believe that there will be little for us to gain from any additional ones - so please stop forwarding these images. I have selected the four pictures from the numerous ones sent by Net Radio as I felt that it was important to show the eyes and the fear anger and tension the community of Sumbrial are feeling in the wake of the death of this poor youth. No previous images displayed had the intensity showed in the eyes of those that are inspecting the body and pointing out the numerous wounds on poor Robert's body. It makes you question what type of human would be able to enact such torture and brutality on a young man without remorse and unremitting....?
Are these the type of Police we want protecting our people or any Pakistani? Surely it is time for an official inquiry into the policing of this incident and the overall countrywide service that has demoralised it's people for centuries...? Please share your thoughts....
If you would like to learn more about Net Radio or "Hamdosana"(an internet based Asian Christian radio station) then please follow this link.

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