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Thursday 17 September 2009

Negligence??!! - how can murder be Negligence!

here is another image of the Funeral of Fanish Masih it was attended by thousands at the CT College in Sialkot. Sialkot was the Birth place of my Father Waheeb Chowdhry (RIP) he and his two elder brothers Najeeb Chowdhry (RIP) and Mujeeb Chowdhry founded the first ever Asian Christian Church in the UK and were in essence forerunners of the existing Pakistani Church framework here in Britain. If my Father is watching the atrocities occurring in Pakistan he would be weeping as he was a very emotional man and loved his home town the surrounding village and the country of Pakistan - visiting with avid frequency.

Reports about Christian riots in Jethikey, Sumbrial may be true but are the culmination of a ransacked and bullied community of Christians, unable to grieve the loss of a favourite, due to a bizarre Policing decision, preventing the burial of Fanish Masih AKA Robert Danish in his town of birth and the particularly dubious circumstances surrounding his death. More than 1,500 male and female Christians participated in the sit-in. They were demanding registration of a murder case against the officials of the Sialkot district jail for allegedly torturing to death Fanish Masih in jail. As many as 11 Christians, including Sohan Lal, Bashir Masih, Javed Allah Ditta, Samuel Masih, Emanuel Masih and Pitras Masih, were seriously injured during the police baton charge that ensued after a reported raid on local businesses.

Dawn reports that:

"The police were well prepared to face any untoward situation and a police contingent was called in from the entire Gujranwala division to be deployed in Jaithikey and Sialkot city.
Following strong protests by the Christians, Civil Lines police registered a case under Section 319 of the PPC against the jail superintendent and other officials for their negligence in their duty."

So why the need to move the funeral from the home town of Fanish Masih? Moreover, how can a purported murder be classed as negligence....? Should this not be a murder inquiry that should deescalate to a negligence inquiry of the autopsy report indicates that a suicide is the most likely cause of death..? Something seems amiss to me!

The Police seem to only want to challenge Christians for breaches of the law? Reports in general,
focus on the Christian response to an atrocity on their community and not the violent attack meted out on them.

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