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Friday 11 September 2009

Ex-President Musharraf resides in England under armed Guard whilst Christians are persecuted in Pakistan

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Former President of Pakistan Musharraf is being protected by armed Police guard in London a burden on tax-payers to the value of £25,000 per day. This is the same President who promised to abrogate the Basphemy Law from Pakistan and then supinely withdrew his promise, after pressure, from fanatical religious leaders. I cannot believe our government could waste our money on a dictator who has stolen the inheritance of all Pakistanis and especially minority groups, whom he has betrayed. He has also been seen breaking his "Rosa" fast in the middle of the day at a swanky hotel, whilst drinking alcohol - which is meant to be forbidden for strict Muslims, which he purported to be. A shocking indictment of a man who could never be trusted. I hope that the new leadership will be more open to change and honesty than this pernicious individual. I would spur Christian brothers and sister to write to your MP's and declare that this man should be paying for his own security by the huge wealth he has accumulated through devious means. Why should we pay for the security of a man who can afford it and does not deserve our sympathy...?!
I was once invited to a meeting at the Pakistani embassy to meet with President Musharraf and declined the offer due as it irked my conscience and would have sullied my moral reputation. I know of a number of Christian's who attended that event at which he introduced his awfully written biography. I also declined an offer to have a meal at the Pakistani Embassy after winning an award with the Pakistani Christian Federation UK as my wife and I could not stomache the pain of sitting with persecutors. When will the rest of the Christian Community make a similar stance??
Abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22)
I had invited the former High Commissioner Maleeha Lodhi to my Redbridge Carnival Event in 2007. She spoke eloquently and was invited to speak to Pakistani's of all faiths, regarding the 60th Anniversary of Pakistan. This was on my terms and with a view to promote community cohesion during a tense period. This was not a sycophantic act - I did not even take pictures, I was just facilitating a purpose. We need our community to reflect on what it does and why it does it if what we do is for our own gain then we have subjected more brothers and sisters to a life of terror.

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  1. I really don't have the words to express how this makes me feel.....