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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Breaking News - Muslims on rampage attack city of Sumbrial

We have received a report from Shazad Jacob in Pakistan purporting that another Christian Village has been attacked. News on the ground, suggests that Policing Authorities are prohibiting access to the site and preventing any real assessment of the welfare of the people, the scale of the atrocity and limiting any humanitarian aid. The reported purpose of these attacks were retribution for an alleged desecration of the Quran, whilst the persecuted Christians belive that that attacks are based solely on a family vendetta ensuing from a love affair between a Christian boy and Muslim girl. This is now the second reported large scale atrocity in Pakistan in which a Christian community has been terrorised as a result of purported breaches to the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan. In a demoralised state and unable to investigate Shabaz informed us of the atrocity (sic):

Today after Namaz-e-Juma Muslims burnt a Church and beat local people and pastor at Sailkot district village Jati De near Sambrial. Muslims claim that Christians disgraced their Holy Book. But it was preplanned by them to show their angry for affair of Christian boy with Muslim girl. Only police is there and supporting violent people. Our contact person as been trying to reach the Christians but the law enforcing agencies blocked all the routs going to the village. I will keep you updated as soon as our contact person meets the affected Christians.

Shahzad Francis
Program coordinator

Last night as I thought about this tragedy and the previous atrocity at Gojra, I started to weep. Our people in Pakistan are been maltreated by oppressers and we are helpless as we as still a divided community without backbone, from a lack of good leadership. We have let this injustice proceed for too long and still cannot raise enough clamour for the Western World to start taking any real notice.

We are sending brother after brother to Pakistan, to survey the area and make their own reports, none of them qualified and all of them are distributing small donations to afflicted areas. We should be co-ordinating these funds and injecting the cost of these unnecessary flights to add to a more concerted effort towards humanitarian aid.

As these crises continue are we going to keep sending men from every association to the incident scene. Is this in itself, not a futile waste of resource? Ask yourselves do we we all need to go and see the disaster scene first hand? Are there not capable men on the ground in Pakistan...? Have not, the most salient, well written and professionally filmed stories of the atrocities, been supplied by incumbent people...?

What we now need to do is stop the remote working with the 101 leaders and start to gel our community together. Working in unison sending our appropriate people with specific roles will expand our resources. If you are thinking of travelling stop and think how would that money best serve the afflicted communities. Can you really facilitate any real help other than a fiscal donation..?

I again encourage people to attend my meeting on the 24th September which is a first step in devising a more cohesive approach to tackling our campaign for justice in Pakistan. I have prayed for success with our campaign and for unity for our people in Britain. I believe that if we are all praying for the same things then Christ inevitability will answer these concerted prayers and efforts. Thus I beseech you all to keep persevering and stay true to our scriptures, as it is only through Christ that we can succeed and we must depend upon him.

Please view this, which also gives more information about the incident.

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