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Thursday 17 September 2009

Poor Lice! Parasitic Police if you prefer!

Why is it when ever a tragedy occurs people all rush in and enquire into the obvious defects in an organisation or a situation and forget to stall their response and look at the wider and often aetiological (causal) or symptomatic comcerns. Our Human Rights Groups in Pakistan are quite right the Policing authorities in Sialkot province need to be investigated for the "Murder in Custody" which would seem to be a pre-meditated action if found to be true and hence regarded as Murder in the first degree with serious implications on any perpertrators of this immoral and illegal act that has caused continued friction, unrest and anxiety to the community of Sumbrial. However, in this fight for justice I do hope the other factors that have contributed to this malady of judgement are also thoroughly investigated inter alia;
  • Why was the father of the victim arrested?
  • Why is there so many police around teh coffin of the victim (see picture above) if they are present for the protection of the visitors to the burial and to prevent civil riot, should they not provide a wider circle of protection and allow the Family and Friends of Robert Danish AKA Fanish Masih with the solace that stems from an opportunity to grieve in peace? Could their bullish presence at the funeral and the purported involvement in the death of this victim not be classed as an incitement towards hatred...?
  • Why to date have their been no arrests against any members of the mob that bullied and frightened a Christian Community out of their homes?

I hope a more incisive and rigourous inquiry will recognise the flaws in the existing Pakistani Policing culture, especially in respect to the evident 2nd class treatment of minority groups such as ours, the heavy handed over authoritarian approach to policing and the lack of diversity of faith in the practitioners within the Policing establishment.

What transpires could have everlasting consequences on the situation in pakistan and I urge brothers and sisters to continue this campaign for justice.

Learn more about teh mob habded approach to policing and the furore that transpired at the recent funeral of our Brother Robert Danish AKA Fanish Masih RIP by following this link.

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