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Sunday 13 September 2009

Barren overtures from Pakistan's Leadership - Are they to blame for increasing social friction!

I originally read with delight on every occasion and with increasing frequency, the ostensibly favourable overtures made by the Government of Pakistan, in the wake of each Christian tragedy reported. Unfortunately, no tangible effort has been initiated to resolve the suffering, and targeting of our brothers and sisters and to date no recompense for the destitute families has manifested. This has obviously only served to sour my impression of Pakistan's leadership and fortified my desire to see truth prevail.

These illusory comments are particularly magnified in the comment reported on Asian News today (sic):

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday talked on telephone with Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif regarding the incident of setting on fire a church in Sumbrial.

The Prime Minister asked for thorough enquiry into the incident. He also directed for immediate steps to ensure the safety of life and properties of minorities.

Nothing stated in this articles provides any real solace to me and I am sure we are all aware that the underlining tacit truth of these comments, is that the Government of Pakistan does not really care about our people and is explicitly covering their insouciance with vacuous gestures. An Imam recently blamed wider Christians for the situation in Pakistan. Surely the Imam proclaiming violence from the loudspeaker of a mosque in Sumbrial and the inactivity of a Government on a media and Imam appeasement programme are the real instigators of the worsening political and social climate...? Your views would be appreciated....?

The western world needs to involve itself in finding a resolution to the ever increasing bloodshed of innocents, spurred by the Western Worlds involvement in the war on terror. In Britain we find that dishevelled Afghani's are finding succour in this country on benefits and full asylum rights, when there are rumours that many are already polarised against the west and could become terrorists of the future.

Yet when a Christian victim of the war on terrorism in Pakistan applies for asylum it is rejected on grounds of lack of evidence. Such Home Office decisions, should now be deemed spurious, as the ever increasing intensity of attacks, is getting closer to the Major cities in Pakistan, where previously, these areas, were said to be immune due to more tolerant educated communities.

As I have not heard from Christian Social Link I will call and enquire about the next series of protests before arranging one for BACA (I am trying to avoid crossover).
On a positive note a google search on the Sumbrial attack places this blog at top spot - keep reading and it will become an effective tool for our people.

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