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Wednesday 16 September 2009

Chairmans Update

Image of Rana Sanaullah Khan

Here is a message from our Chairman Alex Chowdhry:

This Saturday, I attended an audience with the Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan. At the event, he was at pains, to stress that Pakistan was a victim of external forces acting within the Pakistan Interior. However, his presentation was not convincing because he seemed to imply that Pakistan in its own right - a nuclear power. Was at the mercy of external forces such as the American Government and extreme Islamist/Islamic Groups imported from Afghanistan. However, he neglected or failed to admit Pakistan's complicity with these forces, during his own parties previous periods in office. Additionally, he failed to convince the meeting of the necessity for the Blasphemy Law - within Pakistan's constitution and failed to put forward a more inclusive and less divisive legislative option. Moreover, there was no constructive proposal - as Justice Minister for the affected province - in how justice would be sought against those in high standing, whether it be religious or statutory sector organisations or for preventing future occurrences of this type.

On a lighter note, it was fascinating to see how sycophantic Pakistanis are to their politicians. There was none of the great debating or robust questioning, that we are used to in the West....?

Perhaps others who attended would like to share their views....

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