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Wednesday 16 September 2009

Murder or suicide - you decide...?

Here are the gruesome and rather gory images of the late Robert Danish (images provide by brother Tariq Chaudhry). As you can see, there are a number of bruises on Robert, other than the stark cord mark surrounding his neck.

The reputation of Pakistani Police is one that would suggest that this could be a cover up and that this individual has been murdered.

We are as always interested in your views and would encourage brothers and sisters to express them on this blog.

I hope a thorough investigation of the aetiological circumstances regarding his death is undertaken with the due diligence required for justice.

This young man sacrificed his life by substituting himself into the custody of law enforcers, when he heard his father was in prison. This is not the act of a cowardly man, which supports the notion that this death is not a suicide.

We would like to write a eulogy about Danish and ask those that knew him to  share informtion on his life.  So that we can place it on this blog for all to read. 

Here is a copy of an email from borther Tariq Chaudhry (sic):


Dear all in Christ ,

Another christian boy been killed by Muslim fanatics in Sialkot Pakistan and these attacks are growing every day by day Muslim fanatics set church on fire and destroyed many christian houses in sambrial village and in Sialkot city of Punjab . These attacks are growing on a rapid basis but God knows how many christian been killed ,tortured, raped , jobless, lose their houses, business, churches, lands and life as there are very few reports from Pakistan. we need to combine resources and effort to publish and highlight these tragic incidents happenning to Christians in Pakistan. These attacks include all other minorities of Pakistan including Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, and many other communities, so we need your prayer and support to put every thing into the media. If you have any problem viewing these pictures - pls let me know

God bless our persecuted innocent Christians of Pakistan

-- tariq chaudhry

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