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Friday 11 September 2009

Keep up the impetus!

Alex Chowdhry our proposed Chairman gave a very truthful account of the letter received from the Foreign Office. Without any doubt, it provides us with some hope and scope for a more stringent campaign. However, by no means should we now assume we can take our foot of the pedal. We must continue the campaign till we see the eventual adoption of fair governmental practice and policy in Pakistan that adheres to International Law and contemporary moral expectations. If you want to know how to contact MPs and other senior governmental figures follow this link.

The general email pattern for any of your local MP's would be their Surname first, then first initial, followed by For instance Mike Gapes MP would be:

Brother Kenneth Massey in his response to the post declaring an Imam's proposition that wider Christians are to blame for the plight at Gojra, has reiterated the very purpose of the BACA and its vision to unite all brothers in fellowship and as a political unit to tackle the calamity and duress our minority brothers in India and Pakistan and India are subjected to. I again believe the Imam has made some very constructive comments, but I take this opportunity to highlight that he offers no solution or samaritanial support for a cause - that he indicates is a just one? I judge not his intentions, however, it would seem to me that such comments err to the side of hypocrisy when fashioned in a manner to ignite, rather than to co-ordinate or create impetus. More saliently such words are like dust to the desolate people of Gojra, who are still suffering the inhumanity of homelessness, poverty, constant threat of violence. Especially when the comments are not matched with a tangible effort towards peace from a individual who in his religious seniority has significant position leverage to facilitate real change...?

Please share your thoughts...?!

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