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Thursday 17 September 2009

The truth always comes out!

An image of our newest member Xavier William

Here is a true and clearer report of what is happening in Pakistan from our brother on the ground Xavier Williams (sic):


Here are the pictures of today`s funeral the boy's postmortem and the Protests in Sialkot.

The Boy's real name is Robert Danish, he was 19 years old. he was having the affair with a Muslim girl for the past 3 years. He married her and the girl's family objected to the marriage and falsely accused the boy of Blasphemy.

The boy was arrested on the Sept 11th 2009, and was sent to jail on a 14 day judicial remand.

Police officer's have been torturing him and he was found dead on 15th Sept 2009 at 5am in his cell. Our Police authority have said that he has hanged himself, but a postmortem has shown that his ribs were broken and other wounds on his body have contributed to his death.

Robert Danish's Funeral was held at the CTI ground, Sialkot on 16th September 2009. The father of Robert Danish and his family insisted on burying him in their native village Jhethe Key. However the Police administration did not permit this and pressured Riasat Masih his father to bury him in Sialkot. The native village of Robert Danish is 20 kilometer from Sialkot city but due to anger among Christians in towns and villages of Sialkot, the district Punjab Government did not allow the pro funeral procession to travel Jhethe Key.

The protest on the funeral became chaotic when the police had to use tear gas and lathi charged the protestors. The protestors were trying to damage the public property.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Tarcis Javed and the MPA Kamran Micehal the Civil Lines Sialkot Police Station registered FIR against jail official on killing of Robert Danish.

Mr. Tarcis Javed and Mr. Rizwan Paul the President of "Life for All" have been a prominent figure in the whole incident. They went the extra mile and supported the grieving family. They went to the jail authorities, the court, went for the FIR and also arranged the funeral. The protestors have been demanding the repealing of the Blasphemy law.

This simple but clear report of the situation surrounding the death of Robert Danish (name now confirmed) is exactly what we need for our community. Finally our people in Pakisatn can get theor message across without the mixing up of information from other media establishments. I am grateful to the work being undertaken by Mr Tracis Javed and MPA Kamran and extend thanks from the whole British Pakistani Community who I hope will write comments of thanks on this blog...Please do!

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