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Sunday 20 September 2009

Here is a messge received from Qamar Rafiq a reporter in Pakistan - this brings more clarity to the situation in Pakistan. He has some wonderful images of the funeral that shows just how many brothers showed unity and compassion to the beleagured family of Robert Danish. It makes me glow with pride, when I conider the sacrifices and potential danger these brothers and sisters put themselves through. I still need clarification of what exactly the second image shows, however I am sure Qamar will expalin in a further email. Here is his email (sic):
Dear Mr. Wilson

SIALKOT, Sept 13: A committee started inquiry into the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran and burning of a church and two houses of Christians by a mob in Jaithikey-Sambrial here on Sunday. The committee, consisting of members of the national and provincial assemblies, ulema, representatives of Christians and police recorded the statements of local people. Hafiz Sabir Ali, of Bhopalwala, is heading the inquiry committee.

The committee will present its report to the government in a couple of days. Meanwhile, hundreds of the Muslims staged rallies in Jaithikey and Sambrial on Friday in protest against the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran. They chanted slogans against the alleged ‘blasphemers’ and demanded strict action against them. Local Christian leaders and religious scholars held an important meeting at a church in Sialkot Cantonment and reviewed the situation after the arrest of accused Fanish Maseeh under sections 295-B and 354 of Pakistan Penal Code. The first information report states Fanish snatched the Holy Quran from a Muslim girlonFridayandthrewitintoanearbydrain. Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Saturday talked on telephone with Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif regarding the incident of setting on fire a church in Sumbrial. The Prime Minister asked for thorough enquiry into the incident. He also directed for immediate steps to ensure the safety of life and properties of minorities.

Spotless death of Mr. Fanish Messiah set grief and depression among religious minorities in second day. Poor role of the establishments worsen the conditions. Thousands of people participated in the memorial service of Mr. Fanish Messiah. Representatives of different churches, members of provincial & national assemblies, local Christian NGO’s and Christian youth groups joined Fanish’s family in this time of misery.

Throughout the ceremony police force armed with guns and tear gas; sealed complete area called CTI ground. The mob was very annoyed after the wicked behavior of police and political leadership.

Mob protested and demanded government for Justice and security of religious minorities. While some youth groups chanted slogans of peace and justice. Police opened shelling on mob and used tear gas; three persons were reported seriously injured and taken to hospital for medical aid.

While talking here on 16 September 2009; the member of national Assembly Mr. Akram Gill said; Government has failed to protect the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. All political parties have taken the mandate of public for the protection of their lives and justice. But parliament and political leadership has failed to fulfill the mandate of public. Current wicked circumstances in Pakistan posing disturbances and depression to marginalized religious minorities in Pakistan.


Gateway TV UK
Qamar Rafiq, Pakistan
By the way for those of you who dont know (sic) means that the extract is unchanged and presented as received.

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