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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nasir Saeed from CLAAS has provided a response to this morning story:

Update on Shazia's case

Today, 4th February 2010,was the end of Mohammad Naeem's 6 days on police remand as he was presented before the Saleem Sheikh, magistrate's Court. The court was full of supporting lawyers who were shouting and demanding that all charges against Mohammad Naeem be dropped and insisting that the F.i.r is false and that he is innocent. The Magistrate asked the police to produce the findings of the investigations if completed but unfortunately, the police have yet to complete the investigation and therefore it was not possible for the Magistrate to reach to any decision. This resulted in Naeem being given a further 5 days on remand. The police is still waiting for the medical examination report and as soon as it is received, the investigation will be completed. CLAAS' lawyer Nasir Anjum, and also court clerk, Asher, were present in court to witness all of this.

You may be aware that Naeem's wife, his sister in-law and son are also nominated in the FIR (first information police report) in Shazia's case but they were granted bail before arrest and yesterday on 3rd February 2010 they all appeared in the court session to hear the confirmation of their bails while CLAAS' lawyers were also present in court and prepared to argue the case for the cancellation of their bail.

The situations is very sensitive and CLAAS is trying its best to handle this case very carefully. Mohammad Naeem is being fully supported by the Lahore Bar while even some Christian lawyers have declined to support us in this case. We have however, been supported by you and the Media and will fear no evil but the Lord will lead us into the path of righteousness for His namesake. We ask that you please continue to support us and remember us and Shazia's family in your every day prayers and also pray that justice is served to the perpetrators of this crime.

We would also like to remind you about the case of Saba and Anila, where the lives of CLAAS' lawyers were threatened several times but CLASS persisted in helping the sisters and at last Anila was handed over back to her family. CLAAS has not yet closed this case and continues to work on it to ensure that justice is fully achieved.

We have received several calls and emails regarding representations in court but I would like to confirm to you that CLAAS' lawyer, Nasir Anjum, was present in court but we all need to understand the judicial system of Pakistan and shouldn't assume anything. CLAAS is facing some degree of difficulty in not only representing, but also fighting this case but we will all continue to pray that justice is done.

Nasir Saeed
Director CLAAS-UK

1 comment:

  1. I have talked to Naeem the Gate way TV correspondent in Lahore , Pakistan. He told me that CLAAS hired Akbar Durrani, but he refused to appear against the former member of the Lahore high court Bar association. Your correspondent Naeem also talked to some some people who were present inside the court and saw the whole proceedings, they also told the same thing that NO lawyer was present from Shazia`s side, and there was not a single person from CLAAS present there. The media is also continously saying that NO lawyer was present from Shazia`s side. The most interesting part that Naeem told me one of his sources checked Shazia`s file, there is NO CONTRACT of any Lawyer attached from Shaiza`s side, there is only ONE contract that is of Mohammad Naeem`s lawyer. Even NCJP has not shown any interest in this case.
    I also confirmed this from a very close source of Akbar Durrani that he had refused to appear before the court.
    What is your opinion on this? Even Kamran Micheal has rejected the statement of Mr. Nasir Saeed that has been issued by CLAAS. Kamran Micheal has said you will also reject the statements made by CLAAS when M. Naeem will get the bail on the next hearing. He also claimed that there is NO contract from any lawyer in Shazia`s side. And the remand is for 4 more days, it`s not 5 days. The Police asked for 5 days, but the Judge has given the remand for 4 days.