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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Qamar David - sentenced to life imprisonment for blasphemy

Follow the link below to learn the dubious history of the Qamar David blasphemy case that resulted in a life sentence today. Perhaps now that this man is in prison we should be campaigning for better protection of those held in custody within Pakistani prison cells. It is purported that no Blasphemy case in Pakistan has resulted in a death sentence being passed. It could be argued that every case of Blasphemy is a potential death sentence. Click on the link below and remember the case of Fanish Masih also.....


  1. 1- Why did he do it , is the first question.
    When going to Thailand we were advised not to place our hand on the head of any one as it is taken as an insult and result may be sudden and surprising. We didn't do it. In every country the rules or at least some rules may be different and unfamiliar yet we must respect those.No one in Pakistan likes or tolerate disrespect for Prophets and other personalities
    so why show disrespect for the public view. The consequences would be obvious. The the person himself would be responsible like in this case. He is not a victim as you say, but rather he has caused sorrow to his country men and his own family too with his irresponsible behavior.

    2- You got so much support in Shazia's case because people felt she was wronged , but in this case you shall not get support as it is morally wrong to be disrespectful.

    3- Even the release of those Sikhs have also been managed . Not because some Christians and few Sikh had planned to march to 10- downing Street in London but because they were as good Pakistanis as you or me and their release was the responsibility of the authorities. Who cares for 50 people protesting at 10-Downing Street ?

    One should try to see the things in proper perspective and not try to make a mountain out of a molehill. Mere propaganda does not change wrong to right or vice versa. No one should do such kind of Propoganda against his own country.


    Haroon Wasti

  2. who are you i am son of qamar david you will never conteat with us and shoing about my fathar you can call me on 03314264341