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Monday, 22 February 2010

’All is Well'

By. Romail Gulzar (Pukaar news)

Pakistan has been promising justice since it came into being 63 years ago, yet its minorities are still being treated unjustly. Government ministers assure us that all minorities are well treated and given full security. But this is not the case. Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians may have religious freedom but there are many cases in which the government brushes aside people's problems and suffering and says, 'All is Well!'An example of this is the two girls from Multan, Anila and Saba, who were forcefully made to accept Islam. Their parents are still looking for justice and there are many more stories of a similar nature to which the Pakistani Government has failed to respond.

On the 22nd of April last year in Karachi members of the Taliban attacked Christians in the Teesar area, killing 12-year-old Irfan and injuring four other people.They beat up women and children. When Christians peacefully protested against this they were fired upon, their houses looted and torched and Bibles were burnt in the churches. The government has not responded in any positive way. The leader needs to explain why there has been no action.

In August 2009 seven people, including children, were burnt alive inGojra; again the people there are still waiting for justice. This is an echo of the horror in Shanti Nagar 14 years ago, when the whole village was burnt and many people were killed. Tragically such crimes are still continuing.

On 21st January 2010 a 12-year-old maid was raped and murdered in Lahore. In 14th February the murderer walked free. The media highlighted this appalling case but again the Pakistani justice system has failed the young girl’s parents. And although the media tried to cover this story, they were banned from all court hearings and so unable to unfold the true events. They were even attacked for their interference! Again we see the government applying its motto of 'All is Well' when evidently it is not. A couple have lost their child, a murderer has walked free and there is no justice.

It is disgraceful that minorities in Pakistan are forced to apply to foreign governments for succour. We urge the Pakistani authorities to look into these matters and provide better security in future.

For God's sake please ensure the safety of Christians and all the minorities ends.


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