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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Response to Hector Aleem case - from Bishop Isaac Mall

Often truth is just a perception?
I have received the following email from Bishop Isaac Mall in response to a recent request for help in the case of Hector Aleem. I have been asked to post this in order to bring some balance to the previous story (sic).

Dear Mr. Wilson

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.I am Bishop Issac Mall, I am serving as Bishop in Lahore, Pakistan.I saw your website must say that you are doing a great job for the Christian Community.

I read the news of Hector Aleem, the person from Islamabad who was accused of Blasphemy along with Bashrat Masih. I have been working with various Christian organizations, i followed up that case in Rawalpindi with Francis Joseph of CLAAS.

We were in Rawalpindi for 1 whole month for this case. But then we left the case when we came to know the truth of Hector Aleem.

Although Joseph Francis was a very close friend of Hector Aleem, but still he backed out due to the reason that Hector Aleem really sent Blasphemous sms from Bashrat Masih `s number to frame him.

They both are also responsible for looting innocent Christian families in the name of their NGO. They took money from the poor Christians saying that they will send them abroad, they cheated more than 55 families, now these families are suffering because of them.Hector Aleem also played a game with the 2000 Christian Families of Chak Shahzad, they were peacefully living in the surroundings of Chak Shahzad, he made them sell their homes to shift to Chak Shahzad and illegally took over the property of CDA and sold it to these people at a low price. He also built a Church so that CDA will not be able to take back the land. He took millions of rupees from friends living abroad for the Church. But CDA forced these innocent people out of Chak Shahzad, so in reality this man Hector Aleem was responsible for getting these 2000 Families on the road.

There are more countless frauds he has been involved in. As for the story which is posted by his daughter Mehwish Aleem, i wish it was true. It is all fabricated and a lie. She is not aware of what her father has actually been doing in the name of Peace World Wide.

Mr. Wilson in Pakistan whenever a case of Blasphemy is filed against any Christians the local community and the Christian Organizations rush to try to resolve the issue, the same happened in the case of Hector Aleem, but everyone backed off due to his repute. He even had the support of many foreign friends, they also included people from German Embassy, Canadian Embassy and French Embassy.

The Ambassadors of these embassies also visited him, but when they all did the fact finding, they were shocked that they have been believing him all this time.It is common sense that the reason the local community of Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Christian organizations and the foreign embassies backed out, it is all due to a genuine reason.

If Aleem was innocent people would have stood by him. But he is a cheat and he risked the life of a Christian person to get away with all the money he has robbed from the innocent people.

Come to Rawalpindi / Islamabad and see how these people are suffering because of this man. They gave him all the earnings of their lives, they are left with nothing.

I guess you didnt know these facts about him, thats the reason you have posted the story.I humbly request you not to support such a person. All the Christan Websites in Pakistan and the Christian Magazines dont even write about Hector, as they dont want to be labeled as a supporter of a cheat and a blasphemer.

It was my duty to inform you about the truth, the rest is for you to decide.

God Bless You Abundantly.

A humble Servant of God

Bishop Issac Mall

I have received a number of emails regarding the colourful history of Hector Aleem and accept that he may have been responsible for a number of misdemeanors. I condone none of those acts, however, it seems unreasonable to me that an individual can be placed in jail indefinitely under allegations of a blasphemy. I am not against Hector being convicted for any of his other crimes and he should be sentenced for those according to the appropriate laws in place. The fact that Christian organisations are not willing to tackle the Blasphemy case is rather disappointing, however, I will continue to challenge wider NGO's to assist with respect to the blasphemy case.

If you are wondering about the title it is meant to indicate that peoples perceptions of truth can be developed from limited knowledge, emotional tie and peer pressure. In this case already there are a number of different views and perspectives. We must not forget the emotional tie to a husband and father that the family of Hector will have and should curb any excessive condemnation or targeting of a family who may not be aware of the full implications of Hector's purported activities (good or bad). They still deserve support through a difficult time and I hope people recognise that the sins of a father are not inherited by future generations.

Peoples views are important and I encourage others to add their own comment to this particular post.

Thank you for your king words with respect to my work Bishop Isaac Mall.


  1. Bishop Isaac Mall? WHO IS HE? I am a personal fan of Hector Aleem and he gave us Home. Mr. Wilson I used to live in a very small flat of Iqbal town in which there were 3 other families with us. And can you imagine I had to wait for hours just to go to the bathroom. Then a friend of mine told me about Hector Aleem, I visited him and told him that we are living in a very cunjusted house and this house is on rent please help us. and you know he helped us! He asked us where do you want to live? we said there is a beautiful place in Chak shehzad and we can adjust ourselves here. Mr. Wilson it was our will to live in Chak Shehzad not Hector Aleem's. He was just supporting us because we were homeless. My many other homeless friends and their families were with me. Hector Aleem was our back bone, He suppoted us and this Bishop is saying that he took money?. Mr wilson this is toltaly wrong, I was there and he did not even ask for a penny from us. Our Aim was to build a Church here but it was later destroyed by CDA. He protested with us in front of Islamabad Press Club. Mr. Wilson Christian leaders in pakistan do not do anything, they just stand and watch. J. Salik and Shahbaz Bhatti do not do anything. Only Hector Aleem do everything to save Christians. Mr. Wilson We were happily living in Chak Shehzad and we were building our homes. There were many families, I think there were about 2000 families living in Chak Shehzad and they were given home by Hector Aleem. Police and CDA tried to beat us and tried to make us run away but Hector Aleem helped us always. My friends were living in slums and my other relitivs were also living in slums. they were given a good place by Hector Aleem in chak shehzad. Bishop Isaac said that no one protested for him, Mr. Wilson the day after he was arrested we protested in front of PM house but Police beat us with sticks. and they strictly warned us not to protest again, but we protested again. and you know Mr. Wilson? Hector aleem told us not to protest for me because polcie will beat you with sticks. he was in jail but still he cared for us. then on may 2009 CDA demolished our homes. If Hector Aleem would be there he would help us and would not let this happen. whenever CDA tries to demolish a christian slum hector aleem comes in front of the buldozer not bishop isaac. he helped us so much. now when there is a hearing of hector aleem we all people (whole coloney) go to hector aleem and visit him. if he was bad then why we would love him? we all love him so much and bishop isaac is a lier. hector aleem is the voice of poor people like us. you cannot see his fans on internet because his fans are poor and helpless people who do not even have internet. i am writting this because i know hector aleem personaly and he is so kind to us. and we call him our father. yes hector aleem is our father and his kids are our brothers and sisters. we dont know where his family lives but we pray for them with all our heart.

    Thank you

    Akram pervaiz

  2. dear Mr. Wilson

    I am mehwish aleem DAUGHTER of Hector Aleem. I would like to reply Mall, whom i really dont want to call BISHOP because the words he used are totally baseless and negative.
    MALL, i would like to inform you that i have been working with my father since i was 17. and i know my father very well. i can say that you are a bishop but still your children aren't true christian, i can say that because i can blame you as you did. you told us that my dad used to take money from people but if you are a Bishop (i really dont know if you are or not because i dont have any proof) you take CHANDA dont you??? and with that chanda you are feeding your family, making your own properties, dont you??? i am damn sure you do.
    Who are you who have been following my dad's case??? a Bishop can ask any body to help us but cannot help any victim. is it possible???? okay suppose if you were helping us than why didn't you contact us???? i am damn sure that you dont know even a tiny part of my father's case. okay just tell me the name of his IO. now i must tell you what is IO. its investigation officer.
    Finally No news paper or christian magazine gave us coverage?????
    you must have heard about HUMSUKHAN from England. a christian magazine. published my father's story three times. and other news papers have also contacted us but we didn't give an interview for security point of view.
    Mr. wilson please its my request to publish this reply to Mall because i haven't written anything wrong. and lastly MY FATHER IS INNOCENT, NOT ONLY IN BLASPHEMY BUT IN OTHER OFFENCES TOO (which mall has told).
    finally mall this verse is for you OPEN YOUR EYES AND MIND THAN READ IT.


    James 4, verses 11-12

    Muslims are far more better than you people because in the time of pain and sorrow they help their community and brothers but you people dont.

    Mehwish Aleem

    please please i request you to post this on your blog. its a request hope you post it.

  3. akram pervaiz
    thankyou so much brother. people like you encourages us and we get up with a new spirit. yes your father will come out with your prayers. few black sheeps cannot discourage us. keep praying and tell others too.

    your sister
    Mehwish Aleem

  4. dear Mehwish

    i read ur story,i felt sorry for you. dont worry we are with you. we are praying for you,i hope God will help you and your dad. Hector Aleem,and his family you all are in our prayers.


  5. Mehwish Aleem gave me this link and told me to see what people are saying about Hector Aleem. I am shocked! what is this? Mr. Wilson I am a personal friend of Hector Aleem and I know him better then any one else. I am feeling very sorry for Hector, he is innocent. I know him.

    Darren Niles

  6. this is very bad law i think it should be abolished anyways, we are praying for Hector Aleem. May God release him soon.God bless him and his Family

    christopher william

  7. Its been a year and Pakistani government is not doing anything. no one is doing anthing, where are the Human Rights activists? and the things written above are fake. Hector is not like that. I know him he is not like this.Wilson you are doing a good job but why did you posted this fake article about Hector Aleem?

    Sara Raja from Lahore, Pakistan

  8. British people believe in the freedom of speech and it would be wrong for me to take sides, when I do not know the truth. I report things as they are and let people make their own decisions. I only censor inflammatory comments or expletives....? This is a sensitive subject, I understand, however I must keep my position of neutrality. For your information, I have cascaded the orginal concern to Amnesty International, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, CLAAS and Release International.

  9. Blasphemy Law is not right, Hector Aleem is innocent and he must be released as soon as possible.

    Erika Comi

  10. Hector Aleem is innocent.

  11. Mehwish I saw all those bad comments about your father and I recommend you not to loose heart. I am writting a saying from Mother Teresa specially for you and your father Hector Aleem. People are often unreasonable, illogical and-self centered; forgive them anyway. If you are kind people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives; Be kind anyway. If you are successful you will win some false friends and some true enemies; succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; be honest and frank anyway. What you spend years building someone may destroy it overnight; build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway. You see in the final analysis it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. " Mother Teresa"

    Leigh Garber

  12. Mr. Wilson I am John Barkat from Salvation Army, I am the Captain here in Lahore. And yes Isaac Mall is a bishop but not a real bishop. You know there are many fake bishops in Lahore and Isaac Mall is one of them. He is working with Joseph Francis and he is not a real one. I know him very well. If any one says that he is a bishop doesnt make him a Bishop. As you can see from Isaac's words: "I humbly request you not to support such a person" A REAL BISHOP wont say these kind of things. And a REAL BISHOP cant use these kind of words! You must first confirm that who is the sender then post it on your blog. A Bishop can never call any one a CHEATER or a CRIMINAL. Have you ever heared Pope using this kind of language? Think about it....

    John Barkat

  13. AMAZING.
    This Mehwish has Multiple-Personality-Disorder.

    If you read closely, the English, the style, the mistakes are all the same from 5 ppl.

    Don't try to change the truth.

    Hector is inside because he is cursed by 2000 ppl and punished by the Almighty.

  14. Really??? Really you terrorist??? YOU ARE FROM SUNNI TEHREEK AND WE ALL KNOW THAT!!! You can't do anything except for posting comments here. It is useless to talk to an Idiot like you BUT I really wanted to tell you that we are not scared of YOU!!! We will be Christians forever...We were born Christians and we will die Christian. So terrorist your struggle to discourage us is ended. Now go and commit suicide, Because you will do it one way or another. Suicide is your destiny so go and do it.

    Simon Yaqoob

    Hector Aleem's Son

  15. Ms.Mehwish Aleem,

    Put your trust in Yahweh, no matter what kind of comments you get. Hope in Him. And see the results. We all are with you in prayers.

  16. Dear Sir
    The propaganda is a Pack of lies. 23.01.2011 case is pending in the court of Mr Sarfaraz Akhtar. Hector is a habitual criminal wanted in over 45 cases of fraud, forgery financial embazlment and cheating with poor and helpless Christian community in Islamabad in the name of a so called humanitarian organisation and getting funds from foreign donors on that account as well. Police Station Shahzad town, Islamabad has all the record of A Habitual Criminal and Cheater Hector Aleem. He has been proceeded against in the court by his own christian brothers and sisters at large. This has been converted in to a muslim, Christian conflict just to earn money. A lot of misrepresentation has been continuously carried out by mehwish aleem and making false videos of other events in court and then associating them with Hector. You should be ashamed.

  17. Tell me your name dear....

    That kind of cowardly act shows that there is something wrong with you and you are a lier. Because an honest man would never hide his name. if you got guts then show us your real name.

  18. I guess he has been acquitted from the court of Mr. Sarfraz Akhtar Additional Sessions Judge Rawalpindi. The judge is known as true muslim, having command over law and he can not be influenced by any person come what may.