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Sunday, 7 February 2010

We must set up a fund for Shazia Bashir!

Dear all,

I am shocked and surprised that so many good people and organisations are unwilling to set up a fund, to collect for the prosecution of the accused murderer of Shazia Bashir. If no one steps in the Murder and rape trial will be lost and a sexual predator will be set free. Shazia Bashir was an innocent 12 year old domestic slave, through no choice of her own. It should not be a shameful thing to seek donations towards the cost of a solicitor - in contradiction it should be a forthright demand from our people. I do not want to do this, nor have I ever asked for money before, but how long do we want to wait before any one takes real and affirmative action?
We are only seeking to raise £2000 - a pittance in British standards, but enough to initiate the legal work to pursue Shazia's case further. I recognise people will want to contribute from other countries and so suggested PCC in Canada and Watson Gill in Holland - recognising the good work they do. However if they are not willing to support such an initiative, we are willing to accept any donations via the BPCA, as long as they reach us in Pounds sterling. Any funds raised by the BPCA will be open to scrutiny for all!

I am not ashamed to ask for donations as it is for a good cause - I am more ashamed that so many organisations are sitting back and not willing to take the necessary action to forge a result! It would seem outwardly, that we have been let down by CLAAS - if reports are true. They are the only organisation that are seeking donations. The BPCA would like to provide an alternative.
If any organisation is willing to arrange a solicitor i.e. PCC who have suggested they will do this in a group email this morning - we support them fully! They have stated they will do this without donations, however, we believe the costs will be quite exorbitant and we feel that global Christians (Pakistani or from other origins) have a duty to contribute. If PCC lead the way, we will send any BPCA donations to them - if not we will directly engage a Lawyer through our personal contacts in Pakistan.

One way or the other, time is short and people need to decide soon. Please let us know if you are to send a donation by email and we will honour that. We will then post out details of our bank account for any direct contributions.


  1. Dear Wilson,

    Really appreciate your efforts about the Shazia´s case. I have been hearing all the time that CLASS have a lawyer, but dont know which lawyer they did have, who never appreared in the court.

    One of my friend who is a lawyer was ready to take this case and i was ready to take care of all his expenses on my own.

    This morning, I heard from another friend of mine that Ch. Naeem has been released on bail and an oraginsation called LIFE FOR ALl has talked with ASMS JAHANGIR that she will take this case in the high court.

    The most sad thing i have experienced in this case is that our own christian organistions have not played an active role especially CLASS.

    Unfortunalety they have done nothing, The only thing they did is to raise some funds on the name of this case. I hope they will find some better place to use the funds they have collected.

    For me, If Naeem is realeased on Bail. CLASS is responsible for this at one angle.

  2. "Today once again CLAAS made mocked the innocent Christians in Pakistan. They were suppose to present an other Lawyer at the Court today, but he also failed to show up in the Court room. Akbar Durrani today gave a statement that he was under the pressure of the Lawyers of the Lahore High Court Bar Association, thats why Akbar himself, Nasir Anjum and the third lawyer failed to produce themselves. Akbar Durrani has apologized to the Christian Community today saying that he is sorry and has nothing to do with the false statements made by CLAAS, this shows that CLAAS had being lieing all this time. Today Shazia`s mother also said that CLAAS has been making false promises with her, they said to her that if she will ask anyone else for help, they will not fight her daughter`s case, they got some papers signed from her, but never told them what it was. She was not allowed to give any statement with the permission of CLAAS. Shazia`s mother`s official statement will be made public tonight."

  3. Dear Wilson,

    Having gone through your e.mail and other reports it seems that untill now these are just hopes
    from so called leaders and NGOs that they will handle the case of Sazia Bashir properly.They
    are heading to where they will fail to get justice for the victum's family and christian community.

    (Having no plan is planning to fail)

    I doubt that Not every leader or NGOs (NOT ALL as exeptions are always there) are capable and
    have strength to lead the community and persue such sensative cases. It is alright only for their
    satisfaction and joy that they are seen as leaders. No co-ordination and unity is visiable among
    the them.

    If you all really are concerned about this case, Mr. Yaqoob Masih is in touch with a barrister in Pakistan.
    He is Ahmadi(Qadiyani) well qualified and well experianced and most of all he is willing to take up the
    case. It depends how quick we can contact and negotiate with him.

    If you like to talk to Mr. Yaqoob Masih


    Zaki Samson