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Tuesday 9 February 2010

First CLAAS Failure!

I think they spelt CLAAS wrong in the picture - maybe I am dyslexic!

Despite frequent warnings from the BPCA that CLAAS was not preparing a solicitor, many large Christian organisations and individuals ridiculed us and openly spoke against us in a Public meeting in Luton.

Their are probably lead Christians in our British Pakistani community that were in cahoots with CLAAS and would have known full well, this diabolical lack of service was to transpire. Lead Pakistani Christian TV shows have extolled the virtues of CLAAS for a long while and as rumour spread, it seemed as if they closed ranks on the bearers of truth. One of my own relative joined the throng and it became a tenuous and tumultuous night berfet of any real calm. I slept little and sent out my first email at 17:30 advising those in my membership of the "first CLAAS failure".
To date only 5 organistaions/individulas have committed to donate towards the £2000 that we intend to raise as our contribution to the cause. That makes feel so ashamed that I am a British Pakistani, however the BPCA have resolved to continue the fight to bring justice to the family of Shazia bashir and beseech and implore others to delve into their pockets. This is a war against second CLAAS citizenship and I hoped that the wool, has now been pulled, from the fore of the eyes of our brethren. We stand not only for Christians but all minority faith groups and anyone persecuted - as we tackle the plutocracy in Pakistan.

I belive PCC have now indicated they will resource a solicitor, I had thought they would do this earlier but they stood back. I am willing to initiate a solicitor directly on behalf of the BPCA if that is what our membership wants. however, we will have to raise a lot more than £2000 if we are to dos this. I will leave it to those on our list to decide whether we support the PCC solicitor or find our own. Please share your views.

Truth always comes out in the end and Xavier Williams, Khalid Shahzad and I have been proven to be true. I am not asking for apologies, just for peopel to stop maligning those that do good. God gives discernment to those that seek it - why not pray for this gift. We now need action and I hope more will join the cause - thank you to all those who showed us support!

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