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Friday, 26 February 2010

Wilson one of only two ethnic minority speakers at a major London protest!

Addressing protesters outside Redbridge Town Hall
Some say I don't need a megaphone.

Others say I am rarely seen without one!

Amongst the amassed protesters - rallying all behind our unified cause.

Leading protesters in song, chant and slogans!
At a recent protest on the 4th February - in the London Borough of Redbridge, Wilson Chowdhry our Chairman joined 170 people as he argued for a stop to plans to reduce Accident and Emergency and Maternity facilities from the Borough's King George Hospital.
These images were provided by our auspicious Ilford Recorder and you can see the event was a great success. Wilson has officially been told by the Redbridge Police Events Team, that in excess of 170 people attended.
Wilson has been fervent in his efforts to work against the diabolical plans to attritionally reduce facilities at King George Hospital. Moreover, his petition that has been signed by over 300 residents has featured in Several local papers and the BBC Web. The petition has been growing since his initial two protests and this one. An electronic version of his petition had an article dedicated to its success in the Ilford Recorder.
Wilson's work in the borough is being recognised by prominent figures. The Leader of Redbridge Council Keith Prince invited Wilson to speak at the event. He introduced Wilson as the man who influenced the early stage of the campaign and who highlighted the issue of the plight of our local hospital. Wilson said after the event;
"I was one of few speakers and was grateful for an opportunity to raise my concerns and disgust at the diabolical, nonsensical proposals devised by Redbridge PCT. To me they seem like an opportunity to retain inappropriate salaries, for senior level cronies, of the existing Chief Executive Heather O'Meara. Whilst, reducing the quality and availability of much needed services to a community growing at an alarming rate with a poor level of health service already ineffectually rationed."
Of all the guest speakers at the protest Wilson was the only South Asian sub-continent speaker. Being a Pakistani Christian he belongs to one of the smallest minority groups in the world. Wilson joined our two MP's Lee Scott (ilford North), Mike Gapes (Ilford South) and a number of Councillors in addressing the Town Centre. To be recognised for his public duty, at such a young age, is a rarity. Wilson believes in the power of protests especially in the manner that they rally people to a cause and highlight issue of concerns to the appropriate authorities and the wider public. In the global society that we live in, reputation and image have become key aspects, of international development.
Wilson believes in the BPCA policy of protest and petition and challenges others to continue to campaign with us.
Rev George Hargreaves (Leader of the Christian Party) also attended the protest and was the only black speaker at the event. His wife is in hospital with a serious condition and we ask that you join us in praying for their family and church.
More than any of us, he understands the importance of full hospital facilities in Redbridge . A video of the event was produced by the Christian Party and will be edited shortly. We shall upload a copy onto this blog.
Again we ask that you pray for Rev Hargreaves, his church and or course his family.

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  1. This is about people and not profits.
    Save King George Hospital!