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Monday, 1 February 2010

Blasphemy Law info:

I asked

Hi WilsonI contacted a few organizations and the Department of Prisons for the record of the Blasphemy cases. There have been total 1,025 cases registered since 1985.Out of these only 156 were against Christians. The most interesting fact is that none of the 1,025 has been hanged, although many have been accused of 295/C. More than 70% of the cases are against the Muslims.The longest sentence given so far is 10 years, but that is also given to a Muslim and he completed his 10 years. A Christian guy Imran Masih was recently sentenced 10 years from Faisalabad. NCJP is making efforts for this guy. Before this over 15 Christians got sentenced for 12 years, but CLAAS and NCJP followed up the cases and appealed at the High Court and got them released after 3 years.I have requested for the list of the 156 Christians. I will forward you that list as soon as i get it.As for now all of the above data is from the Department of prisons and is 100% authentic.I will let you know as soon as i have all the names.RegardsXavier

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