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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Deaf man beaten for carrying out normal work duties!

Here is a message received from Kahlid Shahzad (the man who broke the Shazia Story) in early January (sic):

Violence against minorities.

Violence against minorities is now entered in 2010. Inayat Masih 50 and his young son Saleem Masih 32 Christians are working as a sanitary worker in Tehsil Municipal Ferozwala Distract Sheikhupura Punjab Pakistan.

On 12th January 2010 both were putting out garbage and trash from the blocked dirty sewerage out side the Majid Rent a Motor cycle at the Sheikhupura Road Kot Abdul Maalik at 9:00.a.m in presence of their supervisor.

The shop owner Majid Ali S/o.Maqsood Ahmad (Khokhar) Muhammad Imtiaz s/o Muhammad Tufail (Rajput) shouted not to put out dirty trash, mud and rubbish in the front of his shop.

Inayat Masih is deaf and he did not listen to. In his anger Majid Ali called his 10 another people near from his shop who beat severely with sticks to both Inayat Masih 50 and his young son Saleem Masih 32.

Imagine helpless Inayat Masih who in his wooden sticks beating was trying to save his son. The beating was stopped after the hard public intervention when the gun firings started against these two helpless Christians.

Despite of a written complain of T M A. (Tehsil Municipal Administration) to the police the police has not registered any case against the culprits but instead pressuring the victims, Forum of Minorities – Lahore, sanitary workers’ leaders to ignore this incident and keep silence (as such cases happen in the life of a sanitary worker in routine).

Any how I appreciate the initiative of “T M A” (Tehsil Municipal Administration) for his support.
Attached with are all relevant documents for the police complain and the response of the police.

For further detailed please contact.

Khalid Shahzad.
G, Secretary
Forum of Minorities

1 comment:

  1. Dear Alex and Chowdhry Sahib,

    Peace and blessings from Lahore – Pakistan!!!

    The economic disparities, social and legal injustice and oppression among HAVES and HAVE-NOTS have demerit the social and state personals and resources in Pakistan. This has caused apathy in the community. Generational and state entrenched oppressions, systemic discrimination, poor governance and conscious subjugation has caused corruption, poverty, alienation, exclusion and general apathy for the weaker masses and minorities in Pakistan from past decades.

    The psyche and attitudes of the common Pakistanis have a strong component of religious contexts in their individualities instead of social grounds.

    This had developed very difficult and conflictive social trends, thinking patterns and practices which have built a certain set of societal frames about life and God.

    I know Khalid Shahzad is a passionate Christian leader who needs to be supported with moral and financial support.

    As per of British Pakistani I appreciate your raising voice and lobbying the violence upon Christians in Pakistan.

    May God continue to bless you with worldly and divine sanctions, Amen!!!

    With pain and grief, I am,

    Inderias Dominic Bhatti,
    Pakistan Christian Congress – Lahore Council,
    Phone: 0092-300-4184958