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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Pakistani Christian girl raped and murdered


Name: Shazia D/O Bashir Masih aged 14 years
Islamia Park, Punch Road Aria Nagar, Samanabad, Lahore.

A young Christian Girl was working as a Domestic Worker in AA 444 Defense Lahore with Muhammad Naeem, Lawyer of Lahore High Court. It is alleged that not a single penny was paid the to the late Shazia over the last 8 months. On 21st of January 2010, Shazia’s mother, received the dead body of her younger girl of only 14 years of age. Khalid Shahzad G - Secretary Forum of Minorities is looking into the case.

According to an investigation Shazia was raped and tortured by the Muhammad Naeem. It is alleged that he tried to prevent the case and threatened her father and the media - with potential legal action. It is belived he said;

"I am a lawyer and will see that you acnnot pursue this case because the court and the lawyer community is with me."

Khalid Shazad (Secretary Forum of Minorites) said (sic);

"According to this case we come to know that the elite class and those with influence don’t care about law and order. They can use the law as they want. Shazia is only the source of income for her family because her two elder sisters have been married - she wass only the hope of her young brother Sunny aged 8 years.

According to the mother and father of the victim, Lawyer Mohammad Naeem offered them Rs. 20000 to refrain from taking any acton and for their silence. It is alledgede that the Lawyer said:

"if you shout nobody will listen and they will never get any thing."

Khalid Shazad has informed us that the local Police were also initially reticent to register and FIR against Mohammad Naeem .


  1. it is sick....what a corrupt country...i'm so glad my parents moved here 40 years ago to give us a better life and freedom of speech.

  2. Pastor Pritam Singh Sandhu24 January 2010 at 13:10

    Dear Wilson,

    1. Greetings to you from South Asian Connection

    2. Thank you for writing this email to us.

    3. We are disappointed to hear such a news. We will keep this matter in our prayers.

    With every blessing to you,

    Susanna Kumari, Administrative Secretary

    for Pastor Pritam Singh Sandhu
    Founder, South Asian Connection

  3. hello,
    my dear i love you and your job which you are doing for our Pakistani Christian community . i came back to Pakistan for serve the lords people . and for establish the new Christian school for his glory . almost i finished my job i worked day and night i never checked my email .tonight i opened and now i am replying . i am so sorry .......... ...i am going to register school for High . (metric) ...keep us in your prayers .
    "i will be there if God will help me for get visa . i have big desire to be a part of these blessed enthusiastic people like you . . ... so i have need of prayers .
    in our neighbor Christian colony .group of Muslims attacked two days ago . yesterday there was meeting of Christian community . keep us in prayers ... give my salaam and love each church member .,and your family too.
    yours in him
    Shahid Samuel

  4. It is a sin and he should be punished for his crime. We should persue this case until the end. There should be speedy trial in such cases. If funds are needed, we can contribute.

    Tufail Ahmad

  5. This kind of behaviour and attitude of our Majority brothers is a long time practice which is on the increase by the day. At least you are helping them to be vocal & bringing out such incidents to the open, regardless of any thing may happen, any action may be taken, FIR may be registered or not. You are serving the repressed community
    in a big way, keep it up as it is needed and giving the poor class the voice they need. As far as JUSTICE is being looked for, NO WAY is the answer........We all know it....

  6. hello ,,,
    I am so sad to see the snap of girl and read the news ,, i am thnkful of you to inform me ,and be in touch ... .."thats why ..I am doing this job to prepair our kids that they not work at the home of this kind of people ..our girls should be work on the value able seats ...... it is very painful for me ...... it is the "spirit of nation "that is slaughtered".

    I will must attend ...and try my best to help ... people in lahore .. ...
    with regards
    shahid samuel

  7. Shame on you Pakistan! Shame on all those Christians who say they are proud to me Pakistani! Shame on US! Our people are going through so much and we do nothing! Shame on all the Pakistani Muslims for allowing these things to happen.

  8. For the attention of the last commentator I must advise that I have been informed that a Muslim Girl was raped and tortured on the same day. This act is despicable however, we cannot blame all Muslims or target them in this way. This is tha act of a depraved sexual predator and the attack would have occured irrespective of the faith of the child. We need to support the Christian Family that has suffered and need to show solidarity as a faith group, however the issue we are highlighting in principle is the impunity from legal action wealthy citizens of Pakistan have and the need to address police corruption, wealth divide and child labour.

  9. May God Bless her soul and family lets just take a moment and reflect on the news, we can do the most powerful thing; pray as a collective grope in our own communities and let God do his will.

    May the love of Our Lord be with the family.

  10. Cllr Salim Mulla27 January 2010 at 17:26

    Very sad indeed, Who ever is responsible for the crime should be brought to justice.

    No one should suffer this type of abuse, what ever religion they are from.

    My condolences to the family.

    Cllr Salim Mulla
    Chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques

  11. This is a very shameful incident.We should pray for the family.We are pakistanis, and proud of it.We can't deny it. We cannot hold Pakistan responsible,we shouldn't blame pakistan for some individual's actions.