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Friday 8 January 2010

Our thanks to the Board of Deputies for British Jews.

Dear all,

keep us in your prayers toady as a multi-faith delegation meets with the High Commissioner of Pakistan today. The Board of Directors of British Jews had been invited to attend but could not make the meeting due to their preservation of the Holy Sabbath. They have kindly sent a letter of support which has been emailed to us and to the High Commissioner.

We look forward to a follow up meeting, set on a date when our Jewish brothers can sit alongside us.

Read the letter (here)

Brother Samson Sharaf in Pakistan is leading the way in his involvement with other faith groups in Pakistan. Here in the UK we believe for the first time our community is recognising that we all have an individual part to play in the peace within our societies. Working with wider groups should not just be for our own benefit or for that group or its community. Our efforts for peace, unity, equality and justice should be a holistic effort that benefits all.
Hey it's what God would want "Love thy brother"....Remember....?!

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