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Wednesday 27 January 2010

Shazia Bashir update:

Xavier William our lead officer in Pakistan reported on the Shazia Bashir story (originally sent 25th January 2010):

A sad incident took place on 21st January in Lahore, a 13 year old Shazia Bashir was tortured and murdered by an attorney Mohammad Naeem. Mohammad Naeem visited the house of the victim shortly after the news hit the family of the death of the child. With him he brought a relative -a Brigadier in the Pakistani Army. The two of them tried to coerce the family not to proceed with any action, threatening that nothing would come of it.

Unperturbed the family of Mohammed Naeem informed various aid groups of the situation and his family members have been arrested and sent on judicial remand.

Shazia was laid to rest today -thousands attended the funeral at the Cathedral. Today the BPCA Members along with the President "Life for All" Mr. Rizwan Paul, Mr. Aamier Anwer and Mr. Kashif Mazhar went to meet the family of the deceased.

Nawaz Sharif also visited the family.

The BPCA members led by Xavier William strongly condemned the incident and urged the Christian community to come out on 3rd April and protest for their rights. The BPCA is holding Countrywide protests on the date the day before Easter day an important date in our spiritual calendar that celebrates the resurrection of Christ. We hope to resurrect the fortunes of Pakistan and the rebirth of its people.

Mr. Rizwan strongly condemned the incident and assured the family of his support. Mr Aamir said that hundreds of rape cases of Christian women go unreported in Pakistan.

Reported cases fail to ensure justice for poor Christians.Mr. Kashif Mazhar also condemned the incident and requested the Christian Community to pray for the grieving family.


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