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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Gujaranwala house burnt down after Christian refused to sell!

Reports of an arson attack on a Gujaranwala home have ignited the Christian Community of Pakistan. Mr. Mehboob Alam Chairman of Ephlal-E-Bible Ministry reported on how he had been contacted by Mr Walayat Masih a resident of Gujranwala city. Walayat informed him that that 3 Muslim brothers burnt down their house on 26 January 2010.

Walayat Masih S/o Bashir Masih lives with his 5 sons in Gujranwala city on the main GT road a primary road that is much sought after for its commercial viability. Three Muslims brothers Abdul Sattar Kombot, Mohmmad Aslam Kombot and Abdul Gaffar Kombot asked Mr Masih to sell his house to them. The brothers all lived in a property to the rear of Mr Masih's house and wanted to expand.

Mr Masih refused to sell mainly because his house was built by his ancestors, close to 12 years ago and had sentimental and historical value to his family. In response to this rejection, it is purported that Abdul Sattar and Mohammad Aslam crushed Walayat`s eldest son under a trolley and threatened him of dire consequences if he talks to any one about it. reports also allude to significant police threat to the Masih family and a refusal to lodge a FIR.

On the evening of 26th January 2010 around 5pm, the three brothers visited Mr Masih bolstered by a larger group of their friends. They set fire to Mr Masih's house which was razed to the ground. The Masih family were threatened without restraint, while this terrible attack befell them. The Police offered no protection and on arrival is has been reported that the Police threatened the Masih family not to repeat any attempt to report the criminals.

Mr. Xavier William the Joint Sectary Pakistan Christian Congress and BPCA lead officer fro Pakistan, strongly condemned the incident. Mr. Rizwan Paul the President "Life for All" also condemned the incident and said;

"Inhuman treatment of the Christians at the lower level has become a regular practice, as the investigations on the Murder of Shazia`s case are still underway, yet another act has been carried out".

Walayat Masih is seeking justice for his son and house. Ephlal-E-Bible Ministry, Pakistan Christian Congress, BPCA and Life for All will be pursuing the Government to take fervent action against the perpetrators of this crime and for them to protect the victims.

Wilson Chowdhry said:

This act of aggression is another example of the ever decreasing moral structure of Pakistan. A man has been made homeless in an act of covetous violence. Again the police have denied the basic legal right afforded to any Pakistani Citizen - the ability to enact a First Incident Report (FIR). How long will the corruption of statutory authorities in Pakistan be ignored? How long will we continue to hear of the impunity afforded by a few rupees, that permits the continuance and growth of a malevolence that threatens to erode the last vestiges of hope that impoverished families, in particular minority faith groups, have clung to. This family is now destitute just because they refused to sell their home - the Pakistani Government must be challenged to investigate and compensate the loss of this family. The miscreant brothers must be brought to justice - if not acts of aggression of this type will continue, just as they have always done.


  1. there is a minister of minority affairs in our bloated cabinet. is he a boot-licker? why can't he protest on such criminal actions?


  2. Dear Sir

    "Life for All" announced to support Skeikh Rasheed Ahmed for the election of NA 55.
    Today Mr. Xavier William and Mr. Mehboob Alam went to the Lal Haveli to meet Mr. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed the Chairman of Awami Muslim League and assured him that "Life for All" will support him for his nomination for the election for NA 55.
    Mr. William gave the message of support sent by the President "Life for All" Mr. Rizwan Paul.
    Sheikh Rasheed has promoted education in Rawalpindi City, he has built over 40 schools and colleges while he was a Federal Minister. He has worked for the welfare of Rawalpindi City. He plans to continue the development projects he had announced, Express Highway over the Nala Lai is one of them.
    He has been having meetings with the Minority leaders, Pastors and Bishops for supporting him. The majority of the Minority, specially the slum areas are supporting Sheikh Rasheed as they expect him to be a difference maker for the Rawalpindi City.

    Please publish the news