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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Sukwinder Singh - Candlelight vigil

Memorial poster
A mourner lighting a candle

Memorial poster
See the wonderful array of candles!

Wilson lighting a candle in memory of the lost hero!
Queueing up to light candles!

A sombre moment.
Sikh prayers were said throughout the night!
A fitting tribute to a spiritual man.
Masses of mourners at least 200 in total

All night people flocked to pay their respect.
Here are the official pictures from Saturday's Sikh vigil to mourn the loss of Sukhwinder Singh. The Sikh community came out in droves and were joined by other Redbrige community people seeking solace, after the tragic loss of a community champion. His story of bravery has touched our community in the huge sacrifice Sukhwinder made in losing his life to protect others. The British Sikh Council have now released a press statement:

"Following the nation-wide tributes paid by people from all walks of life, including political parties, charities, community organisations and HRH Prince Charles, the British Sikh Council UK (BSC) resolved to bring together communities by arranging a candle-lit vigil in loving memory of Sukhwinder Singh in the place of his recent bereavement.

In keeping with the spirit of Sikh custom to show hospitality to all, free food and beverages were served to those in attendance who braved freezing, wet and windy conditions to pay their respects to the late Mr Singh in honour of his selfless sacrifice in trying to help a fellow human in distress. A prayer was recited for his family and in order to appeal for peace on a much wider scale. Verses from the Sikh Holy Scriptures ("Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji") were delivered to the mass as melodious meditation filled the air.

On behalf of the Mr Singh’s family and the entire Sikh community, the BSC would like to whole-heartedly thank every person who has expressed their sympathy and support.

The tragic passing of Sukhwinder Singh poignantly reminds us that justice must always prevail and crime of any kind must never be tolerated in our society."
As a Christian I feel for the Sikh community of Redbridge. They have lost someone special and dear to them, who has become an inspiration for the Town of Redbridge and the Sikh Community, a martyr for peace and justice. Men like him are few and far between and seeing the Sikh community come together in this way has inspired me too. I wish to see our brothers and sisters unite in similar fashion, to tackle the challenge of persecution of all minority faith groups in Pakistan.
The Sikh community have shown us that in solidarity great things can be achieved. Moreover, Sukhwinder Singh has reminded us that every one of us has a specific calling from God to "love our Neighbour" Christ Sacrificed his life that we might live, Sukhwinder sacrificed his life to help someone more vulnerable than him. Perhaps it is time we did the same in true Samaritan fashion....? dont forget our protest on the 31st July - you can sign up to attend by clicking on the link at the top of this blog. People of all faiths are invited to attend.

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