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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Good news from Canada - ICV saves a family!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After many years of untiring efforts of International Christian Voice (ICV) and One Free World, Neha and her family were able to come to Canada on December 11, 2009. They are now starting their new life in Canada without fear and suffering.

Brief History of Neha’s Case:

A 2 ½ years old Christian girl named Neha, was raped by Abid Hussein, on 6th April, 2004 at 2:00 pm, Shamsi Dairy Farm, village Terrg Rore Rahwali, Distt. Gujranwala.According to the facts stated by Munir Masih (Neha’s father) to International Christian Voice; Sajjida Munir (Neha’s mother) was not at home and Neha’s father was working in the Shamsi Dairy Farm, near his house, cutting fodder. Culprit Abid Hussein also worked in Shamsi Dairy Farm and several times asked Munir to embrace Islam. On Munirs’ refusal, Abid got enraged and one day finding Munir Masih children alone at home took Neha into the field and raped her. Sajjida and Munir later found Neha in an unconscious state and bleeding profusely near a pond of Dairy Farm and took her to the Civil Hospital Gujranwala.

Neha and her family are now in their new home in Toronto, arranged by International Christian Voice


Munir Masih contacted All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) at the local chapter at Gujranwala through local Christians and requested for help.


· Case was registered against the culprit with the help of APMA, under hudood ordinance 10- 7/79 FIR. No. 186/2004 registered in the Cantt police station Gujanwala.
· The local Christian Community along with APMA protested on the negligence of authorities on which, Cantt Police Station arrested culprit Abid Hussein s/o Mohamad Asharaf, under section 110-10/ 7/ 79 and sent him to district jail Gujaranwala.


· APMA wrote letters to the higher government authorities and launched a campaign for the justice in this case.
· Minority members of Provincial Assembly of Punjab on behalf of APMA raised this issue in the Punjab Assembly.
· The case was highlighted in the media and APMA held many press conferences to get the attention of the government high authorities.
· APMA campaigned on this case and compelled the provincial government of Punjab to take notice of this case and that Chief Minister Punjab, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi issued a public statement on June 26 2004, condemning the rape of Neha. He also announced 100,000 rupees, (1700 US dollars approximately) for support to the victims family.


· After giving Neha first aid in local hospital at Gujranwala, APMA took her for proper and further treatment. Several surgeries are done and all medical expenditures were looked after by


· Doctors apprehend that Neha might never be able to conceive a child as her internal soft organs are damaged.


· Due to threats from the culprit and Neha’s medical situation, APMA shifted Neha and her family to another city.
· All the needs of Neha’s family were fulfilled and continuous monthly support was given to Neha and her family.


· APMA provided free legal aid and hired competent lawyers to pursue the case in the court. These lawyers fought a long legal battle to receive justice. The APMA team was deputed to attend every court hearing along with lawyers.


· Mr. Nazir Ahmed Gajana, who sentenced Abid Hussein to life imprisonment on charges of abduction and 25 years imprisonment for the rape of a minor girl on 23rd January 2006. The culprit has remitted to central jail Gujranwala to serve the two sentences that shall run concurrently. This is a victory of truth and the result of many prayers offered by Christian brothers and sisters for Neha, even though the culprit’s family threatened the victim family and APMA members during the proceeding of the case and tried to bribe the Judge of the court. After the punishment, the culprit’s family threatened Munir Masih for dire consequences. The victim family was still under threat from the day this incident took place. Neha and her family was looking for a safe and comfortable environment where they can live their life without fear and insecurity.


· Since this incident took place Mr. Peter Bhatti, Chairman International Christian Voice and other ICV members have continuously been in contact with the victim family; giving them moral support, encouragement and trying to bring them to Canada.
· International Christian Voice also contacted many Canadian members of Parliament and Canadian Human Rights Organizations to bring the family to Canada and shared with them injustices that were being done to the victim family.
· International Christian Voice (ICV) requested One Free World International to assist in the immigration process to bring Neha’s family to Canada.
· International Christian Voice arranged traveling documents and the safe exit of the Neha's family from Pakistan.
· International Christian Voice took responsibility of the Neha's family, providing them with food, housing, clothing, and other needs in their settlement in Canada.

International Christian Voice and the Canadian Pakistani Christian community would like to thank Honourable Minister Jason Kenny for issuing a special ministerial permit to Neha and her family. ICV also would like to thank President of One Free World International, Rev. Majeed El Shafie for helping this family with their immigration matters and Pastor Stephen Long from Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church for assisting the family with their traveling expenses.

ICV would also like to thank Evangelical Asian Church in helping ICV in the settlement of Neha’s family in Canada. Please pray for Neha and her family, that they will be able to start a new life in Canada without any fear pain and suffering. Also please pray for their settlement and adjustment in this new society so that they will be able to make a difference in the development and progress of our loving country Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Blessing,
International Christian Voice (ICV)


  1. Truly revolting. Did "abid hussain" really think he would inspire anyone to convert to Islam after his disgusting behavior?? Btw I am a Pakistani Muslim but it is so wrong that the society condones this.

  2. i realy doubt this report, i think its just a piece of propaganda to gain public opinion for the war !

  3. The comment above by "anonymous" is extremely stupid. Everyone knows that this account is real - Abid Hussain raped a 2 1/2 year girl. He is a disgusting being, with not even one ounce of purity in him. He did this horrendous act in the name of religion? What a shameful thing.