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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Much confusion regarding beaten professor!

Compass direct a group who support persecuted Christians globally, have reported the beating of a professor at Peshawar University College.  We received an email from a Mr Jamil Masih regarding the matter, in which he copied part of a posting from the Compass Direct website.
Reports form many of our contacts on the field and communication wit a reporter from a mainstream UK Christian publication, have indicated that the facts seem skewered if not disingenuous.  Compass have been contacted by the publication and I will filter a response to our readership via this blog. 

It is a shame when such reports are made as it reduces the trust and faith people in our community have with one another, and nullifies any inroads made by groups such as the BPCA in highlighting the actual incidents of persecution our community is subjected to.  Moreover, it has the effect of reducing the impression wider communities have of the scale of persecution in Pakistan, as they do not know which stories to believe.

It would seem at this early stage that the purported victim in the story has given a false impression of the persecution he has suffered.  One of the many purpose this could serve is to assist with an asylum application.  If this is the case and he is found out this individual will destroy or reduce the opportunity for real cases to attain the safety and protection that international Asylum provides.  We are already faced with immense apprehension to global asylum applications on the grounds of religious persecution.  This story if found untrue and associated with an asylum application, has dealt the cause of genuine applicants a terrible blow.

Your BPCA team has cascaded comments from those that wrote back to us to the UK Publication and will inform you of any updates.

Here is a link to the original full story on the Compass Direct website:

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