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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Justice for Shazia Bashir may still arrive!

Victim Shazia Bashir

Shahbaz Bhatti provides cheque to Nasreen Bibi

Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti Provides Financial Assistance Victim Shazia’s Mother

Federal Minister for Minorities and Chairman All Pakistan Minority Alliance Mr Shahbaz Bhatti handed over a cheque of Rs. 500,000 approximately $ ( US5882) to Nasreen Bibi, mother of the late Shazia, a domestic worker who was tortured and murdered in Lahore on 22nd January 2010.

Shazia Masih a twelve year-old Christian domestic worker, was barbarically tortured by her employers, Naeem Chaudhry, a Lawyer and his family; she consequently succumbed to the violence she was subjected to.

Shazia belonged to an extremely poor Christian family and was working to procure a livelihood for her family; the girl's parents have said that for days they were forbidden to meet their daughter. After asking several times, they finally found her in serious a condition, with obvious signs of violence and torture. They then took her to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

According to the autopsy report, sixteen injuries including incision wounds, thirteen of which were inflicted by a rusted weapon and the rest by a sharp edged weapon, it also confirmed that the child had been physically tortured for a long period of time.

The culprit pressurized the police not to register the case and furthermore he tried to buy the family’s silence.

However taking strict notice of the case the Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti reached the site of the incident and not only got the case registered but also ensured the arrest of the culprit.

Mr Shahbaz Bhatti was also present at the Mayo hospital Lahore where the child’s autopsy was conducted. Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti visited the bereaved family and extended necessary support .

He also emphasized that Shazia was not only the daughter of a Christian, but a daughter of Pakistan and her murderers will be brought to justice.

The case is currently in the district & session court and the accused is on bail.

Situation of the victim’s family:

Shazia was the daughter of an extremely poor family, who are living below the poverty line, with dreadfully meager resources in a rented house.

Due to their severe lack of finances they were not only being unable to pay the lawyer’s fee, but nor were they being able to pay the rent of their house.

Therefore after analyzing their severe economic situation Mr Shahbaz Bhatti felt the need to provide financial assistance to the family, hence in order to enable them to pay the lawyers fee, bear the legal costs to pursue justice and meet the basic needs of the family, a cheque of Rs. 500,000/- was presented to Shazia’s mother in Islamabad on 13 October,2010

While handing over the cheque the Federal Minister expressed complete solidarity with the victim’s family and stated that the government was committed to bring all the culprits of this heinous crime to justice, he said that the people involved in severe human rights violations including abduction, torture and assassination were not human beings and the government would take strict action against them.

Mr Shahbaz Bhatti said child labor is illegal and against the moral values of the society and elements patronizing child labor should be exposed.

The distressed family expressed gratitude to the Federal Minister for his magnanimous gesture and applauded his efforts in understanding the sufferings and pain of minorities in Pakistan.

Prayer Request:

Kindly prayer for the victim's family as they continue their struggle for justice, and also remember the Federal Minister for Minorities Mr Shahbaz Bhatti in your special prayers so that he can continue to reach out to the people in need and stand by the suffering humanity.

Advocacy Cell
All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA)


  1. zindagi ki qeematien muqarar ki hooi hain insaan ki
    zkhmi ko itna
    taang toot jaey to itna
    aur jo mar jaey to 5lac great
    aur hamdardi jateney ko picture banawali, karna karaana kuch nahi minorities kay liey..

  2. what u peoples have done for her? just giving some amount is enough? She want Justice.

  3. Pakistanis r piece of Shit, they only care bout the rights of muslims, Christians live a third class citizen life in Pakistan! Damn u pakistan! u will pay for all this one day as u r already paying!

  4. my GOD our people are so poor its heart shattering to know the cheap act of voilence also the financial state of our people LORD have mercy on us we have nothing but THEE LORD JESUSour only hope